Pit & Peak of the Week #12

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:50 pm

The end of the week has arrived all too suddenly. We have had one of those weeks where we were so busy there was no room to just be. By Saturday night, I was exhausted, worn out, and wanted my bed early. I love being busy but there is busy and there was this week, big difference. I am really looking forward to a normal routine week, this coming week, I never thought I would say that. I know as my kids get older, it’s only going to get worse, so I must rustle up energy from somewhere and start storing it now!

Pit: My pit this week is so easy to pick which is never a good sign, but it was driving school. I was naughty and got caught by one of those pesky cameras, in an area I didn’t know. That’s my excuse, I am sticking to it. I opted to take the class and not receive any points on my license. I left the kiddies with Granny and rushed out the door, in the pouring rain to make it to class on time. 8:00 AM is not a friendly time for me, I didn’t have a chance to have breakfast or drink a coffee. There would be coffee there, right? Wrong!!! After getting lost, the stupid tom-tom taking me the wrong way, having to re-park the car because they had a special section for the driving school that no one knew about, I arrived one minute to spare. I was rushed into a back classroom with thirty others and given a test right away on signs. The morning didn’t get any better, there was no coffee and little soda machine but I had no change on me. There was only one 5 minute bathroom break in a four and half hour class about the rules of the road. It was absolutely freezing where I sat which I was half relieved to keep me awake and half pissed off that I couldn’t feel my toes. I had made the so-called error known as speeding, so this was my punishment, this was my Pit!

Peak: My mother-in-law stayed the whole week with us this week to help me out. We are very close and I am so thankful she could come stay the entire week with us. It was a huge relief with so much going on, to have those extra set of hands, especially because Mr. P. had worked a few late nights. I am so lucky to have her close. My biggest Peak though, this week, was watching Mr. P. win an award on Friday night for the highest qualifications in his industry and the only one for 2013. It was lovely dressing up and enjoying a nice meal out, too, but I have never been more proud when his name was called out, and he marched up in front of 250 other people to receive his award. I have never clapped harder, I know how cheesy but I truly love him so much!

Pit Peak of the Week


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  1. Congrats to Mr. P on the award! It is always wonderful seeing our hubby’s succeed! I remember when my hubby and I were in the Army and he got promoted…when I got to go up in front of his company and put that new rank on his uniform I just beamed with pride! It is so nice that you have your mother in law there for support…definitely makes life much easier! Watch that speed!!!


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