Pit & Peak of the Week #19

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:16 pm

Pit Peak of the Week

Welcome to Pit & Peak of the week. Where I rave about my high, and vent about my low, of the past week. I find it very therapeutic and I have enjoyed reflecting back every Sunday night, for the past few months.

With Potty Training going extremely well, it no longer is on my Pit list. Thankfully. It was like week three it just clicked and he stopped having accidents everywhere. It’s been a lot easier to get out of the house and get back to our normal routine.

Pit: My Pit this week, actually came from the aftermath of my Peak. Unfortunately with me letting my hair down on a night out came my normal judgment on how much I could drink, going out the window. It doesn’t happen often as I have never been a big drinker but surrounded by great friends and Mr P and being served rose prosecco, it was just one of those nights that got away! Now, in my thirties, I really can’t handle a hangover, somewhere around 28, it was clear that time to heel took more than a greasy fry up in the morning! To say, “Momma was hurting ALL day today” is not even close. Naughty me!

Peak: But this hangover started with a fantastic dinner among my closest friends and Mr P. I love going out as couples. There is nothing better than having my best friends and my husband all with me to have a good time. We started out with dinner at Jack’s down the street. If you missed my review on it a few months back check it out here. The food was once again, lip lickingly delicious. We enjoyed the evening catching up and having a good laugh. Not wanting to call it a night, we ventured down to Dantes, for some live music and dancing. We are so lucky to have a great place so close to home.



It was one of my favorite nights out.

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