Pit & Peak of the Week #20

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 05:30 pm

It’s the end of another week of April. Easter will soon be here, although it seems so late this year. I keep planning on doing all these great Easter projects, but lately finding time just doesn’t seem to be happening. My ‘to do lists’ are ridiculously long and I now have a very sick (possibly chicken pox) toddler and baby.

Here we are at P&P of the Week, where I vent about my pit and rave about my peak of the past week. A very therapeutic way to end my week and prepare for the next one.

Pit: I know I have been complaining all over twitter and facebook this week, about my sore knee but it is really getting under my skin that I can’t get back to my running. Right at a time where I really need to kick it up a gear in time for my 10K run for charity. I have tried resting it but the moment I feel like it’s better and try to run I barely get past the front door. This week, I stupidly went for a four mile run anyway. I have to say that was so stupid of me but I was being stubborn and kept telling myself I was being a baby. About mile three, I started to slow down and limp. I pretty much hopped home after that. I don’t really know where to go from here but I really hope this isn’t the end of my running days at 30! Boo, it really is a pit.

Peak: I finally got a chance to take a beginners photography course. I have been looking forward to it for two whole months. I got lucky and got a great deal for it on Groupon, I love a good bargain, Groupon is great for this! Overall, I was really happy with the class. There were a few disappointments and things I wish they would have gone further in but I assume that because it was for beginners, I need to take the next class for this. It was great to walk around Manchester for the day, taking photos along the way and learning how to use MANUAL mode. At first I found it extremely hard to see something I wanted to photograph then choose my settings, set the shot up and all the while have hundreds of people walking past, or staring or both. It really took me out of my comfort zone but in a good way. I can’t wait to take another class and add to my knowledge. There is so much more I want to know and do. I also learned it takes A LONG time to become good and practice is so important. Taking photos each day has really helped me too the past few months. I was looking back at photos I printed out of Missy Moo of her first few months of life, for her scrapbook, and the photos I just had printed since becoming a camera obsessed momma and they are so much better already.

Here is one of my favorite photos from my photography day out, that I took. I love street photos.


Did you have a good week? Do something fun and exciting on the Easter break from school? I would love to hear about it. Why not write your own Pit & Peak of the Week and link back to here. Comment below, that you are joining in and I will share your post and comment too! Feel free to use the badge below too.

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter week starting tomorrow!

Pit Peak of the Week

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  1. Morning, ah hate when I cant run it is so frustrating. Hope the pain in your knee goes soon. On a totally different note if your babes have chicken pox alternate between calpol and ibuprofen, use calamine cream not lotion as it is too greasy for easing itch and run porridge oats through a muslin bag/sock into bath water turning it a milky colour as this to will ease itch. As babygirl got cp last Wednesday I have been reading up and this is what I have found works best for us. Now waiting for babyboy and possibly me to get it too (I didn’t as a child!) Thinking of you all x

    • Thanks Nicola for all the advice. Sorry baby girl has it, I am just waiting for us including me to get it too! I didn’t have it either as a child. I never realized until talking about it so much lately that alot of adults haven’t had it. Hope my children are the same. We don’t know yet for sure, only time will tell. If they do get it hope it’s both at the same time and over and done with.


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