Pit & Peak of the Week #21

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 05:35 pm

Happy Easter Everyone! This weekend we have been ever so busy being festive. I hope everyone has been having a great Easter break with their families. I am looking forward to reading all your wonderful blog posts about the great adventures you all went on over the Easter holidays.

It’s that time of the week again. Pit & Peak of the Week is here. A reflective post where I rave about my high and vent about my low of the past week. I find it very therapeutic and it helps keep in perspective the great little things in life.

Pit: Illnesses are my Pit this week. It started with Buba getting really sick and vomiting all over my car on the way to his eye doctors appointment. Slowly one by one of us have caught it and been smacked with heavy sickness. It was Missy Moo’s first proper cold too. She wasn’t a happy bunny which is so rare for her. So even though we have had the chance to do a few things for Easter as a family for most of the week it has been full of illnesses, lots of pjs and laying there on the floor all together each moaning about our ailments. Always a moment for competition in this family of who was actually more sick than the other.

Peak: I love Easter time and even though we have all been sick and didn’t have the chance to do half of what we wanted to we still made some amazing Easter memories. It was Missy Moo’s first Easter too. It was so cute watching them doing the Easter egg hunt together today and sitting next to each other in church. We usually only get to go to church Easter and Christmas so it’s a big deal! I know that’s bad. But true. This week held so many first for Missy Moo but the biggest of all is her crawling forward. To me this has to be the biggest peak this week. Another big milestone for her. She is truly growing up right before my very eyes.

Fancy joining in, write your own Pit & Peak of the Week and link back to here. Comment below so I know you are linking up and I will be sure to share.

I wish you all a very Happy Easter!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Pit & Peak of the Week #21”

    • Thanks Katie, I hope you are feeling better too. Ya it’s hit us hard the past few weeks and now Mr P and I are full of it on Easter weekend. Boo and the weather has been so nice.

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve all been ill. We had the same thing a few weeks ago and it was horrible. And we all got it one by one so it felt like it went on for weeks! But yay for crawling!! Isn’t it soooo exciting once they start moving :).

    • Ya that’s us one by one taking us down. Yes it’s very exciting but at the same time she is now on the move and I need to move things out of her reach haha We never baby proofed for Buba because he wasn’t a curious explorer like MM. But think I will definitely have to this time.

  2. Oh poor you all – being poorly’s not fun at any time, but especially not when it’s supposed to be a holiday time. I’m glad you managed an Easter egg hunt and a few memories though; I love Easter egg hunts – such a stalwart of my childhood!

    • Thanks Carie. Ya not ideal getting sick on the only nice holiday with sun we have had in a long time. Boo. But we persevered through some easter festive activities nevertheless. lol

  3. Ah – not nice being ill during the holidays but isn’t it lovely seeing them hunt for eggs?! I think this is first year I have done a hunt as I didn’t think it was worth it until JJ really understood what he was supposed to be doing! As it was he found all the eggs and just put half of them in his brother’s bucket bless him! Good luck with the house proofing – ours is extremely hit and miss! 🙂

    • I am horrible at baby proofing I just let them break it or tell them no touching. hahaha It’s easier than buying gates and all sort for cupboard and toilet seats. etc. Ya it was our first year egg hunting too!


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