Pit & Peak of the Week #22

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:16 pm

WOW is it really Sunday? No, way! Where has this week gone? I would have thought being house bound with two babies with chicken pox would make it drag on, on, on, and on. But nope, wrong again. I blinked and it’s Sunday. I am attempting to get ready for another week of applying Viral Soothe to both my scabby kids’ bodies and pray no more show up so we can get back to our life of swimming, music, soft play and outdoor fun!

It’s no secret that the chicken poxes suck! So I will refrain from using that as an easy pit because it’s more than just a pit. It’s a straight pain in the ass! Why they don’t vaccinate in the UK for it, I will never know. If you haven’t met my two angels, Pox & Poxy yet, click here.

Pit: Mr P and I decided to grab a nice dinner last night together before his mother goes to Ireland for a few weeks and we have no more babysitter. It was a casual night, ate some yummy Italian food and then went for few drinks near by. We got home at a decent hour of midnight and I was driving so I wasn’t drinking but I was shocked to find that when I woke up, I had no voice. I have a long history of easily losing my voice to the point it is physically painful to try to talk.  I have no idea why my voice box has always been so weak but it really is annoying and painful. Usually it would only flare up like this if I was out all night, drinking a lot and shouting over loud music to socialize. So how it got so bad this time I have no idea but it’s a pit for sure not to mention so painful! Especially when I start spanish classes this week and need my VOICE!

Peak: It turned out to be a sunny weekend, which I kept telling myself I should never listen to the weather man he is always wrong. So I hadn’t planned on starting my ‘big landscaping project’ until the following weekend. But when the sun came out so did the garden tools and everything I had attempted to learn off YouTube last week while it was raining. I am so excited to get started on it and possibly get it done before I go to America. I just need the weather to be on my side until then. It’s been fun taking before and after photos which I will share with all of you in my mini garden series. My hanging baskets have added a love pink touch to the front of the house and my potted plants gave the patio a little sprucing up. I am really getting into my gardening now. My momma will be so proud! I am even learning what plants should go where and why! I know I am always attempting to learn a few something all together. I have always been one to take too much on, feel completely overwhelmed and when I get it all done, on time, and look back I think that wasn’t so bad. lol Come check out me being the “ultimate” newbie here.

There you have it folks, my pit and peak of the week, where I rave about my peak and vent about my pit of the past week. I find it very therapeutic to write about the highs and lows of life as not everything is picture perfect in reality. Want to write your own P&P of the Week, please link back to here so people know where you are linking up to. Comment below so I know you are linking up and I will be sure to share and comment on your post.

I hope everyone else has had a fantastic week and weekend. I also hope you all got to enjoy the sunshine this weekend. I may have been staining fences and digging up grass but the feeling of the sun on my back was priceless!



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