Pit & Peak of the Week #2

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:18 am

It’s not hard to pick my Pit this week, as there are so many, unfortunately. The Peak will be easy as we have had a great transition for Missy Moo’s feeding/sleeping routine this week. However, it’s been a really tough weekend for me, as I seem to be inundated with bad karma at the moment. I have mastitis again, surprise, surprise. I then caught the nastiest head cold, sniffing, coughing, horrendous fevers, you name it, I got it bug. Too add salt to my wounds, yup, got open wounds now too, all over my face. I had a severe reaction to penicillin they gave me for the mastitis. (so the doctors say, I think it baffles them all). I love when  you can tell your doctor doesn’t have a clue what’s wrong with you. I got the head tilt, hmmm, then called two more doctors in like I was a science project. One was googling, one was looking through a book and comparing pictures to my face, while the other poked and pulled at my face.  I can google at home thanks, bye.

PIT: My Pit this week, out of all that’s gone on, is the allergic reaction on my face. I choose this over mastitis only because it hurst worse and makes me look like the elephant man. I have had to cancel all of Buba’s and Missy Moo’s playdates this week. I am sure their parents will not want their children anywhere near me as I look like I contracted the plague, therefore it is now affecting them not just me.

PEAK: My Peak this week is Missy Moo hitting yet another milestone. I cut out her 10 pm feed for the last two nights, and both nights she has slept from 7 pm -7 am without a peep. YEAH!!! More sleep for Mommy, which from the sound of things, I definitely need it. Thank you Missy Moo, my robot baby.

Why not try doing your own Pit & Peak of the Week, and have fun with it. Please don’t forget to link it back to the original author, me! Thanks 😉

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