Pit & Peak of the Week #24

It’s USA mother’s day today! Happy Mother’s Day to all you fabulous mothers out there! Yes, I may be an expat but I am still celebrating my country’s day for mothers. Why not? I think it’s the least I get for moving across the world! lol 

This week has flown by, along with the rest. Lately it seems I have never been busier than I have this month. I think it’s the lead up to going to America for two months that has me pushing to get everything I planned for the summer done in the next few weeks. We have full social calendars right up until the day before I leave. Wow, that’s exhausting just typing that. But I can’t complain too much it has still be a fab week. The kids have recovered from nasty chicken pox and both seem to be back to normal with a few red spots still to go. 

Pit: I have been doing my backyard up, to save a few pennies and reap the rewards for doing it myself as I was sick of looking at grey fencing and swamping grass. I had a deadline for myself to finish it this weekend but the weather had other plans for me and decided to continuously hammer it down. I even went as far as placing stone while it down poured on me and finished putting the last plants in the ground. I am pretty sure I will be catching a cold after all this and yet it sits unfinished and deadline moved due to pesky weather. Boo! It really is a pit. 

Peak: It was a lovely surprise when Mr P ran to the gym and return with a gorgeous bouquet of roses! I love roses, and they were the bright pink and white kind that always make me smile. It put a spring in my step. We didn’t do anything special, but spent quality time together which is all that matters. Mr P and the kids played around me while I finished the stone work on the garden. I love hearing their giggles and chatter in the background. We had Granddad over for dinner and the kids love him so much. I got a much needed hot shower, and we all cuddled up for some bedtime stories. Like any other day, but it still felt special in it’s own way.

photoHave you had a great week? What are your Pit & Peak of this past week? Why not write your own and link back to here. 

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4 thoughts on “Pit & Peak of the Week #24”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day! Two whole months,,,you’re going to feel so far away but I hope you have the best time with your family and friends and the kids love it to bits xx

    • I know! I can’t wait though a lot of my family and friends haven’t met my kids. It’s going to be so hard to blog while I am on vacation I hope no one will forget me!!! Lol Two months I won’t be able to just relax on holiday because I will worried of keeping up. lol


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