Pit & Peak of the Week #9

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:48 pm


This week has been an extremely busy one as usual. I always say to myself that I won’t plan too much for the following week, take a break but somehow things creep up and the calendar is full once again. We attended Miss E’s birthday party this week, have had a playdate with our friends, The Mauns, and met our friend’s new baby, Connie for the first time too. Add on top of that music and swimming classes and a day at the mall shopping it definitely wasn’t a dull week.

Pit: Unfortunately with our busy week behind us, we woke up to find that three out of the four of us had colds. The kind of cold that makes the baby fussy, the toddler’s nose run, and the Mommy so tired she can’t handle all that she should be handling. The laundry began to pile up, and the dishes were screaming to be cleaned. It always seems we get colds during the week when I am one parent down in the house. Not that Mr. P. would want to be infested by the three of us but the extra hands at the weekend, help.

Peak: I have been apart of a mommy group for the past two and half years and this weekend we threw a surprise baby shower for one of the mommies at Great John Street Hotel for Afternoon Tea. It was great to see all my lovely friends, enjoy a fabulous Afternoon Tea without strollers, diaper bags, and screaming children at my side. I love my children but after a busy week and colds it was a great way to end the week. I am a huge fan of Afternoon Teas (who isn’t?) and I have to give the Great John Street Hotel’s Afternoon Tea huge thumbs up. The food was delicious. The company was even more delicious especially with baby Chloe’s early arrival, made her present for her own baby shower. Lovely surprise!

Pit Peak of the Week

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2 thoughts on “Pit & Peak of the Week #9”

    • You weren’t, you were just being cautious to your upcoming challenges. But see you flew through them with flying colors. Easy peasy. You all are always a PEAK. lol 😉


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