Pit & Peak of the Week #13

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:53 pm

I started Pit & Peak of the Week as a therapeutic weekly post, to rant about what went wrong and to rave about what went right with my week. After a few months, I started getting people asking me to turn it into a linky. So here we have it…

Every Sunday morning, I will post my Pit & Peak of the Week, and keep it open until the following Saturday evening. This will give people plenty of time to reflect back on the previous week. Please add the badge below to your post so everyone knows where you are partying. I will tweet those that link back to me, with the hashtag #Pit&Peak. Don’t forget to comment on the two above you. Linkys only work if we share the love.

My Pit & Peak this week is fairly easy. Some weeks are harder than others to pin point a speculator moment and/or a bad moment. I am a firm believer in ending on a positive note so I always start out with my Pit of the week first.

Pit: This week the weather has been more than a Pit, we have all been complaining about it, and drowning in it. I say roll on spring please. While last week I was so busy my head was spinning this week was quite the opposite as both of my kiddies have come down with extreme colds. The fevers, the coughs, the snot, the whining and crying, it’s been plaguing us all. We have had our pjs on not just for a day but for a week straight. The amount of Calpol consumed is beyond ridiculous, my kids are going to start thinking it’s a part of their daily vitamins soon.

Peak: My Peak this week is Valentine’s Day, not because it was Valentine’s Day but because it was the first of many firsts for my hubby and I. It was the first time I have ever received a dozen red roses from my husband and from anyone, ever. That was a great surprise. They were a perfectly shaped, deep red, I felt so special. It also was the first Valentine’s Day we have ever gone out together, after 7 years, it was long over due. We had a lovely dinner over looking the Reebok Stadium which was fun and different. The champagne was flowing, and it was great to just have time to ourselves and be away from all the sick, snot, and coughing, if only for a night.

Fancy joining in, write your own Pit & Peak of the Week and link up here. This is the first Pit & Peak of the Week link up, it will evolve and grow as the weeks go on, so bare with me. Thank you for all the support and blog love. Please comment below, let me know what you think of my new linky????

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3 thoughts on “Pit & Peak of the Week #13”

  1. I’m so pleased that you’re doing this, bear with everyone while it takes a few weeks to establish itself!

    Great news about the Valentine’s Day, it’s really hard to make an effort but so worth it. Your pit sounds like mine as well, so fed up of all the snot!

    • Was a little discouraged because I had been asked by so many but it’s half term and I just think I need to stick it out a few months see if it takes off. Thanks for all the support and encouraging words. Being new isn’t always fun. 😉 oh the snot, I wish it would take a hike. Two running noses and my own, I have had enough already. Hope your household gets better soon.


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