Poem 48: Out My Window

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:25 am

Looking out my window,
You will see,
The beautifully cut grass,
And a tiny growing tree.


You might catch a glimpse,
Of the dogs being walked,
Kids playing in the street,
And a little duckling being stalked.


The wind is fierce,
But the sky is blue,
In this cul-da-sac,
Everything is in bloom.


Looking out my window,
There is more to see,
Generations of family life,
How I wanted it to all be.


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8 thoughts on “Poem 48: Out My Window”

  1. The end of this poem feels bittersweet because I know you are a long way from your extended family. I guess you wish the ‘generations of family life’ you can see outside, were your own family? Or is that just my interpretation? A thoughtful little poem. #prose4T

  2. I thought this was really optimistic. What a lovely view from your window – I hope this view never changes for you xxx #prose4t

    • Thanks Vicky. its getting harder and harder the older they get and all the families I see with grandparents and aunts and uncles with cousins all around them at the parks and doing trips together. Breaks my heart.


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