Poem 49: It Started

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:25 am

It started with a little nibble,

One here and there,

The taste taking over,

Yummy things I would not share.


Then it happened slowly,

One here and there,

Turned into five or six,

I really didn’t care.


I blame the holidays,

One here and there,

Tempting us with goodies,

On the shelves with a stare.


It started with a little nibble,

One here and there,

Afterwards, all that weight,

Something I cannot bare.


*Sharing my poem with Prose for Thought

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7 thoughts on “Poem 49: It Started”

  1. This time of year is terrible for temptation – chocolate everywhere! But you deserve it I think, and you can always go out for a stroll in the sunshine (or run around the park with the kids) to walk it off. That said, you look so slim in all your pictures that I suspect you have nothing to worry about! #prose4T

    • Exactly, I am ashamed I gain between 5-10 pounds every holiday. Thank goodness there are months in between each one or I wouldn’t have enough self control. Ugh No more goodies.


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