Poem 50: Another one?

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:25 am

Those infectious baby giggles,

What a sweet, sweet sound,

Their smooth, silky skin,

And a toothless grin.


The loud shouting and cooing,

Discovering their hands,

Many firsts to come,

Like grabbing Mommy’s thumb.


Feeling so much love,

From snuggles and cuddles,

Falling asleep on your chest,

It really is the very best.


That amazing baby smell,

Oh so, nectar sweet,

The innocence with a gentle kiss,

Pure, heavenly bliss.


Babies give you this,

And so much more,

These early stages,

Before they get to the “ages”.


Attempting to cherish it all,

Watching as they evolve,

They grow too fast,

Each milestone surpassed.


A baby no more,

Becoming this tiny tot now,

Standing before you,

Sad, but so true.


That urge comes back,

Wanting the newness,

Earning for another baby,

To start all again, just maybe?

*sharing my poem with Prose For Thought

16 thoughts on “Poem 50: Another one?”

  1. I’m a mum of three and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed the baby years more each time! I’m ultra laid back third time round, and he is a wonderful baby. Three is the magic number.. go on… you know you want to… #prose4T


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