Poem 56: Letting yourself go

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 06:14 pm

Two kids, a husband, and a home to love,

Thing to be done, but what about the Dove?

The Dove soap, that is,

Don’t wait until someone says, 

It’s time you get help as you know,

You have let yourself go,

You brush your teeth, with a piece of chewing gum,

Are you waiting for gingivitis to come?

 Your legs have grown a forest,

It’s not going to make your husband stop at the florist,

Your eyelashes are one big clump, one too many old layers,

Thinking no one will notice and saying your prayers,

You do a sly smell check while you are out shopping,

Yes, you are smelling your pits but pretending you are sweater swapping,

Your daily wardrobe is yesterday’s jeans and the day before that,

Paired with whatever is clean, feeling fat,

You no longer wear lipgloss or the eyeshadow,

Mascara and coverup will do, don’t you know?

You end up in the children’s section for new holiday clothes,

You will just wear something in the old wardrobe and hope it goes,

You wear the messy bun or a ponytail,

Isn’t that why we grow out our hair?

This is what happens when you let yourself go,

I have two kids, a husband and a house to love,

But just maybe it’s time to buy some more Dove.


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7 thoughts on “Poem 56: Letting yourself go”

  1. Love is a lot more important than dove though – so you’ve got your priorities right. I’ve never seen a photo of you looking anything less than immaculate though so I don’t think you need to worry! x

  2. Ah the joys of motherhood eh?! When JJ was first born, not only did I not wear make up for months but I didn’t even bother putting my contact lenses in as I felt I may need to take the opportunity to sleep at a second’s notice and just wore glasses all the time (which I *never* do!!) Great poem hon X


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