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Last updated on September 24th, 2020 at 01:31 pm

This new phenomenon of Sleepyhead Pods just about blows my mind. Why didn’t I have one of these with my first two babies is beyond me? I must have been hiding under a rock. Or just lack of sleep from two babies back to back had me miss these completely. Well, we are truly making up for it now with our third and final baby and I have to say, I don’t have to say how amazing these Sleepyhead Pods are you can tell by the photos of my new sleeping beauty and it’s versatility speaks for itself.

Haven’t heard of them either until now…?

Well, they are the revolutionary baby and toddler sleeping pillow pods with multi-functional purposes. From co-sleeping, crib transitioning, around the house lounging, changing, bed transitioning, and more this pillow will go with you everywhere. I am already highly dependant on it and know it will be coming to America for the summer with us.  The bed is made from breathable material for safety.

We started using our Sleepyhead Pod from the moment we got home from the hospital. It was easy to lay baby boy down for his daily naps down stairs with me than bring his bassinet up and down the stairs for day sleeping and night sleeping. I can bring it in whatever room I am cleaning, working in, or occupying and know he is safely napping right next to me. Not only is he extremely cozy in his pod but it’s one stylish pod I might add.

Sleepyhead of Sweden have created a whole range of fab designs to suit everyone’s style and taste. It makes me want one in every color and I daresay you will see a whole lot of it on my instagram feed when he is just lounging about smiling and having a good kick about too.

We love to travel too. I foresee this not only being the number one baby item I will be packing for those travels but a great comfort to my baby as it’s something familiar if we are sleeping somewhere new. It’s always a toss up whether baby will adapt to a new environment or not and I think this will help him do just that. A bit of home comfort, away. It also is safety co-sleeping if he is sleeping with me in a hotel on vacation too.

It comes in a zip plastic bag with a handle and a cardboard insert to help keep it’s shape while traveling. It is lightweight too. Whether I have to for go a few outfits and shoes for my vacation or just bring it as a carryon, it’s coming with us.

Our Sleepyhead Pod, as you can see, goes from room to room. It helps me let him snooze on the bed safely while I get the other two ready for school in the morning and myself. It keeps him cozy and happy after his feeds kicking about on it on the floor of the living room while we watch a movie or play a family game with the older two kids. It really is a baby must-have item. I absolutely adore this grey and white marble design one. I can see us getting the toddler size pod as he grows up and grows out of this one. In the meantime, we will be glued to our Sleepyhead for the next few months for sure.

Now if only they made one for adults? I think I might sleep a lot better at night. What do you think? Adult Sleepyhead Pods,  yes please!

*We were sent this item for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own and we never share a product we don’t genuinely love and use.

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