Share With Me Blog Hop #21 (Last one on LTM)

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:59 am

Welcome to Share With Me Blog Hop where for almost three years I have got to know so many amazing bloggers and blogs. I have had the honor of reading on a weekly basis a variety of blog post from around the world, literally. It’s been such a great experience hosting Share With Me over the years. While reading I have laughed, cried, giggled, and even spurted out my coffee a time or two. Blog hops are such a great way to get to know the blogosphere and share a variety of types of blogs, writers, and blog posts.

It has come time with work commitments and family that I am passing on the reins to the lovely Charlotte at Mummy Fever next week. She has been cohosting for the past few weeks now and will be the new Share With Me blog hop hostess over on her blog after this week. I am so happy that she agreed to take over the reins as I know she will love it as much as I did. She was one of the very first bloggers to link up and she has been there every week since then supporting me and my blog throughout the years. I really hope you will continue to share your amazing blog posts over on her blog and keep SHARE WITH ME ALIVE! 

Don’t think you have seen the last of me though as I will still link up my own blog posts when I can and comment around. The beauty of getting a new hostess is she has different readers and other followers that haven’t been introduced to Share With Me yet so you can get to know other blogs and bloggers. A fresh space for Share With Me will have it hopping and I just know new amazing blog posts to read too. Bonus!

In the meantime, I hope you will all take the time to Share With Me one last time your two favorite all blog posts. I want to thank you so much for all your amazing support with this blog hop and my blog each week for the past few years. I hope you will all still stop by and say hello here. 



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17 thoughts on “Share With Me Blog Hop #21 (Last one on LTM)”

    • Me too, I am actually sad about it but it’s the right decision for me right now. I really hope everyone will still link up with Charlotte over at Mummy Fever and time to time I will link up too and comment around so I can keep reading all your posts I just don’t have the hours to host it anymore. But I have loved it and so grateful for your support.

    • Oh my goodness I appreciate you stopping by and linking up. That support has been so amazing for me I can’t ever thank you enough. I really hope I will still see you on LTM from time to time say hello or on social media. Please continue to help Share With me live on over at Mummy Fever she will be just as amazing to share blog posts with. New space and new readers always helps.

    • Oh thank you so much I look forward to reading them this week. Just catching up with last weeks as I had sick babies this week but it’s so lovely to read your post and I hope you will still stop by and say hello as well as continue to share your amazing blog posts on Share With Me over at Mummy Fever.

    • Thanks Emily for joining in and I appreciate your lovely support. Hope I will still see you here on LTM and hope you will continue to share your blog posts with Charlotte over at Mummy Fever too.

  1. Jenny, thank you so much for all your hard work with this blog hop over the past few years. I’ve always enjoyed the times that I’ve participated. I was searching for link parties to take part in so my own posts would get out there, and instead I discovered you and so many other bloggers that I love following!

  2. Sorry to see you go hun, but I’m sure you made the right decision for you and yours. Looking forward to finding new blogs and bloggers to connect with. Thanks for hosting all the years. xx


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