The Siblings Project {June 2017}

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We are half way through the year. A year where so many changes have happened for my little ones. We received a placement for MM at her brother’s school, the kids have moved up in their swimming lessons, MM moved up to big girl gymnastics, B started golf lessons, B lost two teeth and his front ones are right behind them, and we have been making some big changes in our house too. It’s no wonder the last six months have flown by in a blur for us.

The kids seem to have matured a lot in the last six months especially MM. It’s like that time in their lives where they go from toddlers to little kids is huge. The baby talking slows down and that little girl voice comes out. Their sibling conversations aren’t about little things like which toy to play with but more mature kid conversations like who will look after whom at school and learning spellings together.

I have truly gone from having a toddler and a baby to having two little kids in a blink of an eye. like they weren’t little long enough. I look at them now and I am really in awe of how they have changes so much, recently. It seems like yesterday B started reception and now his sister is falling right behind him. 

The Siblings Project linky with Dear Beautiful Blog #siblingsproject A day at the park The Siblings Project linky with Dear Beautiful Blog #siblingsproject A day at the park The Siblings Project linky with Dear Beautiful Blog #siblingsproject A day at the park The Siblings Project linky with Dear Beautiful Blog #siblingsproject A day at the park

MM is turning four year’s old next week which has me in all sorts of emotions. Planning her birthday party with her first school friends is such a big milestone too. I look back and feel like she wasn’t a baby as long as my first and yet she seems younger starting school than he ever did, even though she is not. It’s called last baby syndrome, I am told.

Preschool is coming to an end and we prepare for our summer trip to America which is only 35 days away, (I am not counting or anything) I see our routines changing ahead. I see dropping off both the kids together at the same place in the mornings and being left to work and do the house stuff solo. While this sounds exciting, I know I will feel the emptiness and quietness that my babies filled during the day. I know this transition will be emotionally hard for me as I hate being alone. 

June is always a great month for the kids between birthday celebrations of their own and a few best friends birthdays, the weather usually is getting nicer and we have more opportunities to play outdoors and explore the UK together. The kids always play so great outdoors together. The bickering is always less and they just are all around happier when we are staying busy outdoors.

The Siblings Project linky with Dear Beautiful Blog #siblingsproject A day at the park


Our first road trip down South.

Their first sleepover with friends.

Playdates at Trentham Gardens

Racing their scooters around our neighbourhood parks.

Doing homework now together at the table.

The Siblings Project linky with Dear Beautiful Blog #siblingsproject A day at the park The Siblings Project linky with Dear Beautiful Blog #siblingsproject A day at the park

As siblings go, I know I am bias but I like to think I got really lucky with these two. I like to believe they will be best friends forever. That nothing in their future will break them or pull them apart as I have seen happen to many friend’s siblings when I was growing up. I can only pray that they will continue to support each other, guide each other and love each other unconditionally.

You can see it in their eyes when they are in groups of friends that they want to know how the other one is doing. There is jealousy if the other one is playing with someone new without them or tears when they think they might be separated. We have experienced a few days where MM screams for her brother going into school so desperate to join him. He reassures her it won’t be long until she is there. It’s things like this that fill my heart with joy watching them. It leaves me in awe of the bond they are created. I see it from the outside in but I also know from my own close relationship with my own siblings the inside of it. It’s a special gift in life to experience both sides of it.

I have watched my littlest become the braver one of the two. I have witnessed her taking her brother’s hand when he is scared at the movies or pulling him in when they are spinning too fast on a ride at the park. You can see the dynamic of the protective big brother has changed slightly this month. She is becoming his equal and in some cases the one he looks to for comfort and reassurance instead of me. I love that they rely so heavily on each other as they grow more independent from Mommy and Daddy.

Each month, I adore capturing these two together. Sharing their relationship as it forms, grows, and matures. At this age, there won’t be memories of the little things for them to recall so I write them down here and hopefully one day they will look back on it and cherish these moments. I know I will look back and be grateful that I get to relive their sibling bond from the very beginning.

The Siblings Project linky with Dear Beautiful Blog #siblingsproject A day at the parkThe Siblings Project linky with Dear Beautiful Blog #siblingsproject A day at the park

15 thoughts on “The Siblings Project {June 2017}”

  1. It goes so quickly and it’s heartbreaking and exciting all at once.
    This is one of my favourite times of the year. I love it when you’re planning to go to America. I hope the days go quickly for you

  2. Oh Jenny, these are just absolutely beautiful! Some of my favourite photos of yours, I bet you love these captures! Also, I can’t believe how grown up everyone’s little ones are looking these days! Or that we’re half way through the year already! :O xx

  3. These are such lovely photos Jenny- it sounds like they’ve had a wonderful month and a busy one too. We are also loving being able to get out on adventures in the sunshine. I totally agree, my two always play nicely when they’re outdoors too- I think it’s having the distraction of lots going on outside which helps! Here’s to a great July for them both x

  4. They are adorable together Jenny. Love the photos. Always so bright. Have an amazing time in America. I hope we get to go somewhere nice this year. Not warm anyway because hubby isn’t a fan of the heat which is a shame. I could go to Dubai or Hawaii right now if I could. #siblingsproject

  5. Oh they are just so cute together. I know what you mean about them suddenly growing up though – Toby is four next month, he’ll be starting school in September and it’s like all of a sudden there’s nothing of the toddler left about him. I bet it will be lovely for your two to be at school together soon – my brother is two years older than me and I loved being able to go and talk to him in the playground at school 🙂 #SiblingsProject

    • Oh they really do it melts my heart sometimes too much. They are so close. I am so grateful for it. It could have been the exact opposite which would have made things hard with two so little together. I got lucky so far.

    • Thanks Gemma, they really are two peas in a pod. They drive me crazy sometimes but only because they are ganging up together on me doing something they shouldn’t like two partners in crime. lol

  6. What a gorgeous spot for your siblings photos this months. B and MM look like they are having fun together. It’s scary how quickly they seem to grow up though – that transition from toddler to child seems to happen in the blink of an eye. #siblingsproject

    • I know what you mean it really does happen way too fast. Why can’t they be babies for longer, toddlers for longer, and then little kids can skip teenager years. Wouldn’t that be great. hahaha jks. Life seems to be on speed dial at the moment.


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