Snapshots & Scenes from October

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:28 am

We say goodbye to October….

It feels a little late for our Snapshots & Scenes this month as the first Monday came a few days into the month but it’s never too late to look back over your camera or phone photos and videos to share your favorites with us. That’s the beauty of this linky. We hope more will be joining in with us each month and noticed a few new faces last month too.

October is such a beautiful month with all the changing of the leaves, celebrating Halloween, carving pumpkins and those amazing corn field days out and pumpkin patch experiences too. We love see what everyone is up to each month with their beautiful families and what they may be practicing or learning in their photography or videoing. We are all here to learn and join together in this project.

I have loved capturing our everyday clips of life in October together and share them with all of you here.

Sometimes there just isn’t enough hours in the day to share everything I want to share on this space of ours online. I have hundred of blog posts lists and ideas in my head and about 15% get actually written and shared. I love this new project to slot in those moments I snapped and wanted to write about or share but just didn’t have the time or couldn’t fit it into a blog post of it’s own. Those favorite photos I used to just have on my phone but never get the chance to share them now can be showcased here.

These are my October snaps to cherish and share with you.



Our first adult weekend getaway to Cannes, France.

A playdate with Kerri-Ann and her gorgeous lil G for half term kick start.

Finally getting to the pumpkin patch and corn fields.

Creating some delicious Halloween treats with the kids.

Having lazy half term days being silly with the kids.

The sun shining during half term for us (that never happens).

Sitting down and talking more with the kids about anything and everything.

Trick or Treating with our closest friends and their kids and having a Halloween party afterwards.

Watching the leaves turn and fall to the ground in the park.


It’s a monthly linky showcasing our favorite photos or favorite video clips from the month put together in a blog post. Those clips you film but just leave sitting on your phone are perfect for this. You can do just photos or just a video or both like me. You don’t have to be a vlogger or a photographer, this is a great linky for beginners because we are all learning along the way together.


Anyone! If you have just one favorite photo or twenty or a 60 second vlog to 5 minutes. It’s all welcome to look back on the month and share the things that make you smile and happy. Come share your favorite moments with us!

Take a peak at what the other cohosts have been doing this past month and link up below!


Kerri-Ann, Chloe, Mel, Amber and Sarah-Jayne

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  1. Oh Jenny, such a lovely video. I loved the bit where your littllies were on the bed whispering and giggling! So adorable. Gorgeous photos! Really love this linky, so much fun and so so easy to join in with!


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