Sweet Bread, Thinktank with friends and Being a hair model

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Well, well, well…

I do apologize for my weekly roundup being so hit and miss the last few weeks. I don’t know where the time goes each week. I get busier and busier and wonder how I will fit it all in without giving up the little sleep I get as it is. But that’s life with three kids, sports, baby in tow, working full time and running a household of five. Oh my goodness, how different a house of five is now with SO much laundry and SO much trash. I don’t know where to start sometimes.

I am looking forward to a weekend filled with spa and fitness with my friend on Saturday and Mother’s Day UK is on Sunday so I hope to get a lie in if I am not asking too much with three children. It’s been a bit of funny week with some pampering in the middle of chaos. I was a hair model twice this week in a salon near me. They needed to do a bunch of various hair assessment testing so I offered my head up. Why not get some extra treatments, hair cuts, hair blow and styles as a treat. It pampers me and helps them! So you never know ask your local hairdressers if they need any hair models for assessments. Been nice not doing my own hair this week.

So grab a flat white and have a read of the little things I am loving lately…

starbucks blonde flat white coffee THIS WEEK I AM LOVING

read reading

I am in a true reading funk. I can’t find any time to dedicate to a book that doesn’t grab me at the first page. I think my brain is in overload of planning first birthdays, birthday school parties for two older ones, christening, our summer holidays, our cruise coming up, and work on top of that I have no head space to sit and concentrate on a book. This usually means I haven’t found a good book in a long time so any suggestions please!!!

For now here some great blog posts to read…

5 Ways to Wear a Slip Dress – for fashionistas

Spicy Spanish Potatoes – for foodies

heard listening toThinktank in Birmingham Science and Engineering Museum for family days out Dear Beautiful Blog

Have you heard of Thinktank in Birmingham? Last weekend we got to catch up with some lovely friends and their children at this museum. It’s about halfway in between us both and it was a long over due catch up and great family day out. Whilst they had car troubles getting to us and we had traffic troubles getting home, we had awhole lot of fun with our seven children between the two of us. I know seven children and sadly her hubby got stuff most of the day dealing with the car while she rangled her four children around the museum and I rangled my three children and Mr P had to play hubby to us both which was hilarious! We got a few glanced at people wondering why he was holding one baby then the other and pushing various strollers depending on what we were doing. I love that blogging has brought me real life friends in our life offline too. Ones I might never have met if I hadn’t created this space online. I love that our hubbies get along, our children all get along, our babies are the same age just two weeks apart, and we have such a good laugh and time together too.

What did we think of Thinktank?

I was impressed with Thinktank too. We had never been before and it didn’t disappoint. My eldest is obsessed with facts, science, and engineering so it was right up his street. There is a play area for mini doctors office, dentist office, markets, restaurants, offices for the kids to dress up and let their imagination run wild. My kids would have played in that bit all day. There is definitely a full day out for the family of activities to do. Sadly the planatarium was closed for renovations but it sounds amazing. Instead we got to catch up with more friends from Paw Patrol which was a surprise and special treat to my kids love the show. We saw Marshall and Chase. The girls may have been slightly sad there was no Everest or Sky.

Thinktank in Birmingham Science and Engineering Museum for family days out watched watch

Did you watch our Cancun adventures yet? We put together are family holiday vlog from The Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico. The hotel complex was so amazing, we definitely recommend it. Would love you to subscribe to our channel below and don’t forget to pop us a thumbs up and let us know what you want to see more of on our vlogs…. travel, food, baby, shopping hauls, interiors????

wore wear fashion

Did you catch my fashion post this week? How to Shop for the “Best Ever Fit” Jeans. dd I am a jeans girl for life. I have always wore jeans most days even when I am trying to branch out and try a new trend like skirts or trousers or leggings I always go back to my jeans. I have more jeans then I do tops so that just says it all right there. I got to try out the new M&S Ivy Skinny jeans this week and was really impressed with how they fit, they were higher than I normally wear in the waist but it held in my mom tum so that’s a win for me.

How to shop for the best ever fit jeans ivy super skinny jeans m&S ss19 skinny jeans
made making

In between working crazy hours and trying to keep the house clean and the kids fed, I did get to finally play with some food. I love food styling and making food look delicious in a photo. It’s been far too long but I am setting myself some new food recipe goals for this blog and attempting a recipe every other week to get me going again. It was hard with a newborn as recipes take time to create, shop, bake/cook, style, photograph, edit and share. Phew, need more hours in the day but as baby gets older and will be starting nursery soon it will help to get more done.

Last week, I made this tasty Mother’s Day Strawberry Bread with Cream Cheese Frosting. Calling all sweet bread lovers!!! It’s still bread but borderline cake envy. I love the combination of strawberry in the bread. I have made sweet breads before but never used strawberries. I think up next I might try peaches with a glaze… what do you think?

Strawberry Bread Recipe strawberry bread with cream cheese frosting strawberry bread mother's day recipe

and lastly to share

Parenting life can be up and down with three kids, the pressures to work and do more and more and yet have your kids be in every club and every school activities takes a lot of time too. Lately, I feel like I am running on empty. Every minute of every day is accounted for and if I need to stop something has to be rescheduled just to do so. I have noticed in my craze to do more, accomplish more, be everywhere at the same time, my eldest has really stepped up to the plate. He has grown up so much lately, it’s unbelievable. I am so proud of him.

The eldest works so hard in school and he does so much for his little sister and even more for his baby brother, he definitely deserves a few treats for it. He is like the second mom, whereas I always thought when I fell pregnant it would be more my daughter mothering him. He gets his bath ready, he lays his clothes out for the day, he gets his bottles or food ready, he runs and grabs his blankie or fave toy if he is upset, or gives him hugs and plays with him constantly. I daresay, he is a helicopter brother instead of having a helicopter mother on hand. It’s no wonder our third little one is becoming somewhat of a diva. Anyone else have a youngest in the family that rules to household?

Hoping that next week is a calmer week yet I know it won’t be and I just need some extra hours please somewhere we I can lay on the couch and watch Netflix or read a good book. I miss that where have the slower days gone? Are they gone for good? #lifewiththreelittles

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8 thoughts on “Sweet Bread, Thinktank with friends and Being a hair model”

  1. Oh wow what a busy week you’ve had! Thinktank sounds amazing and I love the photo of all the children together! Those jeans look great, Marks & Spencers really do have the best range, I always end up picking out so many items when I pop in there!

  2. Oh I have never heard of Think Tank, it sounds fab and is something my girls would love. I will have to check it out. I have 3 little one and it is non stop so I can sympathise! Love the jeans and shirt, I have never tried Marks and Spencer for jeans before although I have no idea why as I love their clothes!

  3. That strawberry bread looks amazing, will need to check your recipe out.
    I love M&S jeans, they have a great fit and they do petite sizes which are great for me.

  4. I bet life is chaos when you re all in a buzzing around! So glad you had a lovely meet up think tank looks fab, and so does that cake omg! I have to say I love jeans I do try to wear dresses but always revert back to my jeans x

  5. We’ve thought about Think Tank but never actually got there. Sounds great. That bread looks so good. You need to be kind to yourself Jenny, you really do have so so much on. x x ps thanks for sharing my style post

  6. I REALLY want to take my three girls to Think Tank in Birmingham. We have some Tesco Clubcard vouchers to use so it’ll basically be a free day out. It’s on our summer holiday bucket list for this year. I bet it was fun trying to keep track of seven children whilst you were there! Somehow I missed your Mexico vlog – popping over to watch it now. It’s grey and dull and cold here so I’m looking forward to watching a bit of sunshine. Hope you make time to relax soon – you can’t pour from an empty cup so make sure you look after yourself lovely x

    • Oh yes do take them they will love it and it’s a full day out. Good to use those clubcard points. Never thought of that. Oops. I enjoyed my forced time off in America so recharged to take on the world now. Have fun hunny. Thanks for watching our vlog we have so many we need to edit and get live still. I am so behind. The problem with taking time off.


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