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Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:52 pm

 ~ my journey to learning photography ~

It’s been another packed week of lessons, tutorials, reading, and practicing using my camera settings. I started this journey the end of last year, when I got fed up with my photos coming out grainy, blurring and boring. I have always taken vast amount of pictures, especially of my children, so I was determined to do something about it.

Each week I attempt to become friends with my camera’s MANUAL mode. I have been hitting my head against the wall, in frustration of my dark and gloomy indoor pictures, week after week. Lighting you are my new nemesis. The weather has been shocking, it’s no secret, with down pours, hail storms, and wind that is fierce and strong.  So I was lucky this morning to have a moment to go for a mini walk and scope out some plant life.

Through my journey, I have shared with you all, my good shots, my mediocre shots, and my not so good shots. At the beginning of the year, The Reading Residence, got in touch, as she, too, was learning photography. She invited me to link up with her each week, so we could learn from each other, on her new linky ‘Learn With Me: Photography’. She host a lesson on her blog, from a guest blogger each week. This week’s lesson is from the amazing Charly Dove, about taking photos of nature. My photos do not compare to Charly’s fabulous photography, her photos are truly stunning.

IMG_5071 RS

IMG_5069 RS

IMG_5061 RS

IMG_5058 RS

IMG_5053 RS

IMG_5067 RS

IMG_5052 RS

 I would love your thoughts, advice, and guidance. Feedback of any kind is pertinent to my journey in learning, so don’t be shy.  I struggle with close ups, and how to angle them just right, without the focal point becoming too blurry. I also would like to blame the gloomy weather but any good photographer can take great shots of anything. So really I have no excuse. Roll on spring, so I can practice more with beautiful blooming flowers and gorgeous butterflies fluttering about. My front landscape is no match to a blooming garden!

Thank you Charly for the lesson and Jocelyn for hosting!

12 thoughts on “Taking photos of nature”

    • Thanks for hosting lessons, and helping me learn. I have a long way to go. Which camera did you buy? I am in the market for one I have been borrowing my best friends fancy big Canon. lol I am scared to buy one and give up.

  1. what kind of camera are you working with? i know that with my nikon, i always play with the aperture and the iso. that said, i think you have a good eye and composition.

    • Thank you Claudia that means a lot. I have so much more to learn. I am using a canon. I borrowed from my BFF it’s big and fancy. I am testing it out and seeing if I really want to spend the money. I have to say I love it already. I have been working with all three ss, aperture and ISO but today I was playing with the ss on auto and just moving ISO and aperture. Helped a lot. I never can get the right SS! I heard nikons are great too.

    • Haha do it- it’s fun. Although I will be honest Katie this was a dash outside snap what’s in my front yard while looking at my daughter in her bouncer through the window. Lol I didn’t venture far or long. Bad mommy alert. Hahahaha I am dying to go out solo and concentrate. Might get better photos.

  2. What fabulous photos Jenny, you’ve done an amazing job. The best way to learn is to keep practicing. I do 365 so I am to take at least one photo a day although did take 417 when I saw the butterflies – a bit excessive perhaps LOL! Thank you very much for the mention x

    • Thanks Charly, I was going to join in the 365 project because I think it’s a fabulous project but at the moment I am attempting to swim with two babies around my neck lol Maybe next year! I do love practicing though. I love the butterflies. I am like that, I don’t just snap a few I snap hundreds every other day. My albums are a mess because I don’t organize my photos I just take millions. I could do with getting better at doing something with them all.

  3. Oh how lovely – I must admit taking photos of nature is just my favourite thing to do – I find it so relaxing. I can’t air for the better light of Spring – it’ll make things a LOT easier 🙂

    Thanks for joining in and sharing x

    • It was my first time but like you said it was so peaceful. Yes roll in spring. I pray that’s will better my photography or at least that’s my excuse at the moment. Great linky. Been wanting to link up for awhile. Glad I got the opportunity.

  4. oh I love the photos of the large pinky-yellow buds… bird of paradise perhaps??

    I pretty much always use my camera on manual now, though it took a long time to get used to it! For close ups, I tend to bring my AV value as low as it will go (so the background is blurry) and play with the ISO (higher number means more light but can also loose detail) x

    • Thank you ! I am so new at it definitely need a few classes. And thank you for the advice. I do love bringing aperture down to blur the background it’s one of my favorite settings. I struggle with lighting but getting better with practice.


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