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Toddler tantrums are inevitable. I was more than prepared when Buba turned 2 years old, that there would be frustrating moments of parenting, more often than not. Tantrums are apart of growing up, learning to deal with your emotions, and frustrations, as well as coping with the fact that you can’t always have your own way!

In recent weeks, and especially this past week, Buba has steered his tantruming into a new direction but a direction that is equally hair pulling as the tantruming. With the slightest hint that we are going to tell him, “no”, “don’t do that”, or “you can’t have that,” his shoulders instantly hunch over, his head drops, his eyes get mopey and he refuses to look at us. His body language is enough to tell us, we have just crushed his whole world. It only takes a minute for him to either refuse to move, or the screaming to commence.

These “Testy Toddler” moments can really come at the worse times. While on vacation this week in Lanzarote, it seems Buba’s shoulders were permanently slouched and he was crying over the smallest things, testing both Mommy and Daddy.

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Here is what caused my son’s shoulders to slouch THIS week!

– we wouldn’t let him wear his winter coat in the 70 F degree weather

– we made him leave his bedding in the hotel room

– he didn’t want to eat chicken nuggets or french fries

– his milk was all gone because he drank it all

– we were walking in the opposite direction than he wanted to want on the beach

– he couldn’t kiss his sister while she was in the highchair

– his banana broke in half, his cheese broke in half, his toast was cut in fours: this list could go on forever as he likes everything whole and as it comes in the package. 

– he didn’t want his carrot, he wanted Mommy’s carrot

– he was hungry, yelling, “I hungry Mommy,” even though he just ate a whole burger, potatoes, green beans and yogurt. Like we starve him. 

– his towel is wet

– he is wet – standing in the pool, duh!

– he had to get out of the swimming pool for lunch

– we wouldn’t let him knock over a glass shelf in the hotel lobby

– he didn’t like the feel of sand on his toes

– his Lighting McQueen sandcastle was crushed – by him

– second to last day of vacation he asked to go in Daddy’s car to go home, we told him tomorrow

The list truly could go on, and that’s just for this week. He is extremely testy at the moment, with each hunched over tantrum it seems he gets more dramatic and his shoulders get lower and lower every time. Someday, they might just touch the ground. As annoying as his new found testy moments are, they go as quickly as they come, therefore we still can find the humor and entertainment in our testy toddler.

What are your tots being testy over? Comment below! Feel free to use the top picture to link back to me and do your own version of “Testy Toddler”.



12 thoughts on “Testy Toddler”

  1. Oh my goodness!!! Some of those are so funny!!! I have tons of them from my two year old as well…she has two variations of the tantrum…it’s either she screams the last word of what she wants at the top of her lungs or she gets all mopey and cries ever so dramatically what she wants. I had bought my brother, who is living with us, some Top Ramen noodles. Anyways, my daughter discovered them and is now obsessed with “noodles”. She will ask for them for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and dessert. If we don’t submit to her request the result will be a tantrum where she says, “I said I want NOODLES!!!” And she screams noodles at the top of her lungs…or if you tell her not right now for whatever reason, she might start crying and when you ask what’s wrong she will say “I just want some noodles mommy”. Enough to break your heart. How are we supposed to survive the melt your heart moments???

  2. Actually, it could be worse! At least he’s not flailing his arms and dropping to the floor. Children need some form of expression to show their frustrations, which are many at this age. That list of yours made me chuckle, though! #MagicMoments

    • For sure. My son is all about the DRAMA lately. Too funny. I am sure his sister will show him up though when she is older. Keeps us entertained and on our toes.

  3. This so reminds me of the blog “reasons why my child is crying” – you have made me giggle so much at the list. Fabulous – #magicmoments

    • Ya it is like that I read that blog. Hilarious. My son seems to fit all those crying moments too. Especially the cheese in half. It’s bizarre but seems to be a common thing hahahahah

  4. Jenny i am so pleased i read this my 2.5 year old has just started the toddler slough and twisty face phase i dont know about you but its hard not to laugh!

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments xx

    • As a parent of a toddler I am daily trying to be serious when his is testing me but half the time it’s my fits of laughter that I am trying to cover up so he doesn’t see me and think it’s ok. Lol they are so entertaining at this age. 🙂

  5. Not sure about you, but I have a hard time staying serious with mine because she just gets too darn cute! I will try to be stern with her because she is throwing a tantrum and then she gets the cutest look on my face and all my seriousness just melts away…it is not fair that they have that weapon to use against us moms…

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