The Tale of the Tooth Fairy Review & Giveaway

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The Tooth Fairy has been a part of most of our childhoods. We were all too eager to lose that first tooth and see what we would get in return. I don’t know about you, but I have memories of older brothers talking me into tying a string to the dangling tooth that just won’t let go and connecting it to the front door. One big slam, the tooth would be free, and that meant a visit from the enchanted Tooth Fairy. I would have stupidly done anything to speed up the process. Although it didn’t always work, (once silly, twice stupid) but when it did, I didn’t care how much it HURT, I knew it was worth it.

Buba has had all his teeth for a while now, and even though they won’t be falling out of his mouth anytime soon, I am excited to teach him about the Tooth Fairy and create that magical excitement in him for when the Tooth Fairy does visit. Sometimes it can scare young children to lose their teeth, or they don’t always believe another one will grow in its place. So I thought with a skittish child like mine, what’s the best way to make it magical, exciting, and a great memory he will look back on.


In flew The Tooth Fairy Storybook Set. Β A lovely folk story about a eager little fairy who wants to make children happy and becomes the very first Tooth Fairy. Buba loves this story and from the moment we let him open the gorgeous box it came in, he has demanded, “again, again, again.” The story not only teaches your kids about how the Tooth Fairy came to be but also has a cute hidden message about a little fairy that is creative and imaginative, and doesn’t stop until she has found a solution. The storybook comes with one of these amazing plush girl or boy fairy dolls with a handy side pouch to put your child’s tooth in and sit next to his/her bed. In the morning the child will wake up with a surprise in place of their tooth.


These gorgeously made fairies are perfect to make the story come alive and feel more real to them, knowing that their little doll is helping the Tooth Fairy out. It brings the “magic” to life and can become a child’s new pal during story time.


I was impressed with the packaging as well, I received a plush boy fairy, a Tale of the Tooth Fairy Book, in this gorgeous box, shaped like a book. Β Even better, open it up and the inside presents the Tooth Fairy’s home. I have used ours for a great keepsake box on the shelf in Buba’s bedroom and his fairy whom he named, Frankie, sits on top, to guard his most prized possessions.


Buba can’t wait for a tooth to fall out and put his fairy to work! He asks me, “Mommy does my Tooth Fairy know Peter Pan?” If you have a boy don’t be put off by the word “doll” the boy fairies are awesome, and do remind me of Peter Pan which is oh, so manly. So you can tell your husbands, it’s not a doll, it’s a toy! lol My son loves Frankie, especially during story time.


Parents, it’s not all for the kids! Best of all there is a record page in the back of your book to record all those lost pearly whites.

I have teamed up with The Tale of the Tooth Fairy for the purpose of this review. All opinion, pictures, and views are my own and one lucky reader has a chance to win their very own Girl Storybook Set,Β so don’t forget to join in the giveaway below. You could have your very own Girl Fairy to bring the Tooth Fairy magic to your own home!
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    • Thank you. I wish you all the best luck!!! My friends kids have been eyeing my son’s already. They are a huge hit with the kids. I would have bought one if I hadn’t been approached to team up. Fantastic item and idea.

    • Thank you Colette. I know how clever to create a little pouch too for teeth and money exchange. Gosh knows there has been a few too many teeth lost under that pillow and found later by a confused child! lol

    • Thank you. We love it too. Best of luck if you entered the giveaway, if you know anyone else that might like it, let them know it ends 23/02. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you so much. Best of luck to you in the giveaway, enter as much as you want. We love ours for our two kiddies, they are a fab toy, story, and keepsake box all in one.


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