Top Reasons to Consider a Mummy Makeover

If there is one thing that’s growing in popularity around the world, it’s mummy makeovers. Once you’ve had a baby and you’ve changed your body, you may want to recover something that feels more like yourself. It’s not easy on the body to have a baby and as lovely as the miracle is in the end it can make you feel a little bit lost. Pregnancy gives so much to your life, but it takes so much from you as a person because it leaves you with something you no longer recognise.

Because yes, while your tummy was once a place your baby grew and your stretch marks are something to be proud of, you may not necessarily feel as body confident as you used to. It’s important for you to understand that it’s OK to make changes if you feel that’s necessary. Some women after breastfeeding decide to go ahead and book a private breast reduction. Some women choose to go the whole hog with a mixed surgery of a tummy tuck and breast lift.If you are looking to decide whether or not you want to have a mommy makeover, here are the top reasons for considering it.

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You had your baby more than six months ago.

If you had your last baby more than six months ago, it’s a good time to consider whether or not you want to continue in the body that you’re in. This is around the time where some women choose to go back on a bit of a health kick to get their eating and their hydration back on track. They may now have recovered from a potential surgery or from a traumatic birth, and they’re ready to exercise or go from walking with the buggy.If you’re more than six months past your last ever pregnancy, then now is the great time to consider having her mommy makeover.

You struggle to regain that youthful shape.

Let’s be honest, your body will never ever look exactly the way it did pre pregnancy. Your muscles, your bones, everything has stretched and softened and that’s what’s supposed to happen to your body. However, if you’ve gone through exercise and dieting to lose any pregnancy weight gain and you have not regained the shape that you are most comfortable with, then you might consider a mummy makeover to help you to get that back.

You want to feel more confident about yourself.

If you are in good health and you’ve spoken to your doctor about enhancing your post pregnancy look, then a mommy makeover could be on the table. Spending a couple of years breastfeeding children and toddlers is not easy to do and so you may want to give your breasts more volume or tighten your muscles after they have separated post labor.

You’ve kept your weight stabilized.

If you’ve managed to get down to your pre-pregnancy or your ideal body weight then you might think about now being the time to go to see a surgeon for removal of excess skin, or a breast reduction or an abdominal repair because your muscles have separated so much. You should always be clear about what to expect from the mommy makeover, but if your weight is stabilized then now is a great time to look into it. 

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