Gift Different this Christmas with Unique Gifts

Last updated on October 31st, 2020 at 08:08 am

We have a large family so Christmas shopping can add up, quickly, if you’re not careful. I like to make a master Christmas Gift list to stick to so that I don’t break the bank. I don’t like to grab a present for the sake of it either so I spent a few weeks, each year, thinking about the perfect, unique gifts for my family.

This year, I teamed up with TK Maxx to take away those weeks of searching for the perfect gift and help me stick to my budget too. They have amazing, top designer brands and really unique gifts to surprise your loved ones with. They have even started a #GiftDifferent campaign where they have created a questionnaire for you to give your loved ones to truly find out what they need or want and get to know them better. So they have done the work for you, if you pop over to Gift Different here.


I sorted the my best friends who are my kid’s godparents with some truly lovely gifts. Items that will make them feel extra special. One loves grey and pink so I was excited to find this gorgeous pink silky DKNY scarf and matching gloves. Another loves small handbags so I spoiled her with a tiny DUNE bag and a coordinating card holder.

Mother-in-law and Mother love relaxing in the bath and are into their lotions and potions.  TK Maxx offer beauty gift boxes that are so beautiful. You can find anything from candles, perfumes, lotions and all sorts of festive potions in pretty gift boxes. You won’t need to wrap these items as their boxes are too pretty to cover up and already look the part. Don’t know what to get your Auntie or Grandma? These make great unique gifts. They have them for men too! So don’t forget that crabby uncle, it might just cheer him up!


Got Daddy covered. TK Maxx had all his favorite brands and he was desperate for some new clothes. That’s always a great gift when it’s needed and useful.

Up next on my list was my father-in-law. Parents can be easy to buy for as they are always going to love what their children buy them. You can grab chocolate hampers from TK Maxx, cheese and cracker ones too. They have an entire section that you really have to see for yourself. There is a biscuit or cookie tin for everyone in the family. Small ones that would make great stocking stuffers and large hamper style ones. You can even create your own hampers in store.

My father-in-law loves walking his dogs and is always outside so we stocked him up on top brand sweaters, wool socks and still made sure to satisfy his sweet tooth with a fudge box.


Kids are always big on the list. I am sure so many parents struggle to know what to buy. I like to stick to one big present that they can really get play, and use out of and concentrate on tiny, fun, unique presents to fill their stocking to bursting portions. I found some awesome pocket games for my kids as we travel so much. They will be great for long haul flights and car journeys.

I wanted something fun and different for my daughter this year. I found this gorgeous unicorn, cape costume so she can play dress up. She loving dressing up with her friends but not just as princesses. Last year, I found lovely ballerina outfits from TK Maxx for her. Love that her costume wardrobe is expanding to use her imagination. She also had her eye on this Nella (princess & knight) which was half the price from other retailers.


There is endless options for unique gifts for Secret Santa. Unique and colorful water bottles, fun bath towels, a gold palm tree candle, a rose gold hip flask, wild driving gloves, funky cutting boards, and more. Your options for unique and fun Secret Santa gifts are endless. Click the link above for gifts of the week.

We play a game called White Elephant Gift Exchange in our family. With a big family, it’s far too large to buy every single person a gift. TK Maxx is the perfect place to grab those gifts that will have the family swapping and stealing either’s gifts until everyone has picked a gift from the pile. Never heard of this game before, you must try it. It’s a must if your our celebrating the holidays with a big group of loved ones.

I sorted our entire family out, in one shopping trip. It felt so good to check everything off my list in one store. It was even better that I got to buy top designer items that are truly special for such great bargains. There was no over spending which takes away so much stress.

We are traveling to America for Christmas, this year so we can’t get any heavy presents or larger toys for the kids but the toy section of TK Maxx is bursting with popular kids’ toys. You can really stock up for your little ones and find bargain prices on popular items. Christmas shouldn’t be about breaking the bank but just finding the right gifts at the right prices.

What’s on your Christmas Gift list? Do you do your shopping online or in stores?

I would love to know, leave me comment below.  Happy Holidays!


*Sponsored collaboration with TK Maxx but all opinions are my own. 

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