Visiting Glacier National Park, Montana

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Glacier National Park Montana Family Vacations

As we book our flights for our American summer stay, again this year, I can’t help but think back to the amazing two months we had there last year and get sentimental about it all. I am very grateful that I get to take my kids back to where I grew up, back to my culture and family, each summer.

I have been dreaming of the adventures we will go on and the family and friends we will see! I can’t wait for it all again. One of my favorite memories of last summer, back home, was our trip to see Glacier National Park in Montana. It’s not a far drive from my parents house about four hours with a small stop off for breakfast. While most of our memories in America are adventures with the kids, my mom offered to babysit as it would be too long for the kids in the car there and back in one day. Yes, we crazy Americans travel that far in one day! 

We got up really early, Mr P, my Dad and I and hit the road long before anyone had their eyes open on our way to where beautiful adventures awaited. I was so excited that my Dad offered to drive so Mr P and I could really take in the scenery and he knew his way around the park to show us the best bits. It’s a huge place and I love having time with my Dad, he always has the best stories to tell of all the adventures he has been on. At 73 let me tell you he has a few that are highly entertaining. He was the best chauffeur slash tour guide ever. Thanks Dad!Glacier National Park Montana Family Vacations Once you get to Glacier Park the roads are very narrow and curvy. We choose to go to the top, on a road called, “Road to the Sun” and it’s the scariest, smallest two way road I have ever seen on the edge of a cliff. We were literally driving into the sun but you forget about the 10,000 foot drop off on one side when you are looking out into all it’s beautiful. Mother nature really got it right with her mountains, waterfalls, streams, and canyons. They are breathtaking. 

Mr P is an outdoor kinda of guy so he absolutely fell in love with Glacier. For me, I always grew up there in the mountains upon a river with streams all around us. I know it’s beautiful and while I am grateful for it all it was familiar to me. I mostly enjoyed making memories more with my Dad and husband in tow and exploring such a beautiful place together.  

Glacier National Park Montana Family Vacations

As you can see here cars have a little road to drive around this huge mountain while waterfalls just crash around and underneath them. The noise when you drive by this waterfall, underneath you, is astounding. It echoes through the canyon below so powerful and vigorous. Glacier National Park Montana Family Vacations

We did a few stops on our route to the sun to take in it’s volume of size and how high we were up in the sky. It felt like we were looking at a painting instead of reality. There is something about nature that makes me feel so at peace especially on such a gorgeous day like that day. Glacier National Park Montana Family Vacations

Hurray! We finally made it to the top as you can see, up high with the clouds. There was a little wooden path you can see people walking up which was super steep (even though it doesn’t look it) and miles long up to the last bit of Glacier. We walked as far as we could but never reached the very top. It was surreal wearing sandals and a dress and being hot right next to snow!Glacier National Park Montana Family Vacations

I could have sat at the top all day having a picnic, basking in the sun, watching the mountain goats on the hillside. But there was more beauty to see and explore so we headed back down the mountain to see the big lake next and get a bite to eat. Glacier National Park Montana Family Vacations

We took this trip in one day as we had little ones to get back to and care for but when they are older I would love to stay at the lodging on the lake and explore further. One day even bringing the kids with us and going for bike rides and boat tours around the mountain on the lake would be ideal. There is still so much we missed and wanted to experience there. Glacier National Park Montana Family Vacations Glacier National Park Montana Family Vacations We most likely won’t be able to go again this summer but this won’t be our one and only visit to Glacier park and hopefully next time we will have adventurous outdoor kids in tow! There are so many beautiful places to visit in my homeland, I hope each year when we go back to see a little more of it. 


8 thoughts on “Visiting Glacier National Park, Montana”

  1. Looks amazing, my kind of place to explore, being a geographer. Gorgeous photos as well.

    I know what you mean about being in summer gear next to a glacier. When I was at school, we did a choir tour to Austria in summer and sang on a glacier there…all dressed in shorts and t shirts while everyone around us was skiing!

  2. wow it looks so stunning! how lovely to get two months back home again with your family too, that must be tough at times, i only live an hour and half away from mine and i find it tough some days. You look beautiful in your pictures!

    • It’s the best feeling in the world. I tried blogging about home sweet home last year and it’ just doesn’t put into words enough of what I feel about it. So grateful to do it again this year.


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