10 Terrific Tap Ideas For Your Kitchen And Bathroom

Taps are available in many fun styles and functions. Here is a rundown of some of the most popular tap designs worth splashing out on during your next bathroom or kitchen renovation. 

Mixer taps

Still got separate hot and cold taps in your bathroom or kitchen? A mixer tap could be a simple upgrade – these taps pass both hot and cold water through a single spout. These can be operated through two separate handles or a single lever.

Pull-down taps

Pull-down taps are ideal for kitchen sinks. They come with an extendable hose-like spout that makes it easier to clean the corners of your sink, as well as giving you more control when rising pots and glasses. They also look pretty cool!

Boiling hot water taps

Boiling hot water taps instantly provide boiling hot water without having to run the kettle. They cost quite a bit to install making them somewhat of a luxury option, but they are very convenient. While other taps may be possible to install yourself, this is a tap that you’ll want to definitely hire a plumber to install.

Brass taps

Most taps are made from stainless steel. Brass has much of the same qualities, but can offer a warmer golden look that can pair really well with black or copper countertops and sinks. Brass taps come in many different styles.

Matte black taps

These taps are often made from chrome brass but are painted a distinctive matte black colour to provide a more cool and sophisticated look. They are ideal for contrasting white or light grey countertops or sinks. 

Wall mounted taps

While most taps are directly attached to a sink basin or bathtub, wall mounted taps come out of the wall. These taps can offer a cleaner and more stylish look in which there is no exposed pipework.

Waterfall taps

Waterfall taps have an open-top spout that encourages water to trickle out like a waterfall. They can be a beautiful feature on a bathroom sink basin or on a bathtub. They are less suited to kitchen sinks where a more focused jet of water is more practical.

Swan-shaped taps

These statement taps have spouts shaped like a swan. Water pours out of the mouth of the swan, giving it a similar appearance to an ornamental fountain. If you’re looking for something both elegant and wacky consider one of these taps for your bathroom sink or bathtub. 

Vintage taps

Vintage style taps are typically made from brass with cross handles. While you can buy traditional separate hot and cold taps, there are many modern mixer taps available to buy with vintage style cross handles. These are great for offering a mix of classic design and practicality and can be a great feature in period homes. 

Industrial-style taps

Industrial-style taps are often golden brass or matte black. They have spouts designed to look like pipes complete with side-positioned wheel-valve-styled handles. These taps look great in kitchens and bathrooms with a deliberately rustic or industrial decor style – especially when paired with metal sinks or copper bathtubs. 

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