11 Fashion Trends that Have Athleisure Written All Over It 

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 05:54 pm

Athleisure style is the new trend and a perfect cross between athletics & leisure that every fashion & fitness enthusiast asked for! This style has a cool vibe which says a lot about your personality. This says that you like to remain fit and look flawless while doing your workout sessions. 

There are specific trends that we can name as athleisure style. In this article, we are going to talk about 11 fashion trends that are an integral part of athleisure fashion. Let us check these out!

A person's legs showcasing the latest fashion trends while comfortably lounging in athleisure attire outside of a car window.

Socks With Personality 

Athleisure socks are not something that you hide beneath your shoes now; now you wear them as a style statement and you show it off to the world! You can get these socks in a range of colors, prints, textures, patterns, and styles. You can buy athleisure socks that resonate with your own personality. 

Belt Bags 

You know belt bags by the name fanny bags and now you can carry these bags in style as these have evolved into a chic accessory. A lot of known brands (like Adidas, Aldo, Puma, Calvin Klein, etc.) feature an amazing collection of waist bags. These bags look stylish, are easy to carry, and are super functional. A must athleisure accessory for all fashion & fitness enthusiasts. 

Jewelry Inspired by Athletics 

Athletics-inspired jewelry designs are gaining a lot of popularity (especially amongst the Gen Z crowd). To give you an example of such a design, think about earrings shaped like dumbbells! You can also find barbell necklaces and rings shaped like fitness trackers! These jewelry designs convey to the world that you are serious about fitness and do not take your well-being lightly. 

Running Hats 

Running hats are important because they protect you from harmful radiation from the sun but it is not just about that; these hats have become a big-time fashion statement. In fact, while donning athleisure clothing, adding a hat to your ensemble looks very stylish. You can go with monotone colors or choose colorful prints, as per your overall get-up. 

Baseball Caps

Many fashionistas and celebrities add a baseball cap to their athleisure dress and finish the look; it looks very cool and casual. These caps give out the vibe that you are sporty, experimental, and fun to be around. 

Statement Sunglasses 

Statement sunglasses (like oversized glasses & uniquely shaped glasses) have become an important part of athleisure styling and you just cannot avoid these sunglasses. The glasses look quirky and say a lot about your personality (that you are fun to be around & you do not mind experimenting in life!). One key aspect of statement sunglasses is that they come in bold & colorful frames; so, get yourself one and join the athleisure fashion group now!

A woman flaunting the latest fashion trends by donning a floral crop top and denim skirt.


Headbands should have never gone out of fashion (these look super cute and come in so handy when you need to keep your hair out of your face). Nevertheless, these are again back in fashion (thanks to athleisure fashion trends) and you can get these in a lot of colors, prints, and designs. Go for stretchy colorful bands as they will add a pop of color to your overall athleisure ensemble. 

Airbrush Leggings 

Airbrush leggings are made with second-skin material which is super comfortable for workout sessions. These leggings stay in their place and give a good opaque coverage to your body. The fabric is breathable and super lightweight, which again motivates you to run that extra mile; athleisure legging is your perfect gym gear. Apart from that, these leggings are super easy to maintain (you can wash these in the machine) and are odor-resistant. Once you get used to these leggings, there is no going back to any other workout bottoms. 

Bike Shorts 

Bike shorts are super functional and are designed to make your workout sessions easier. Bike shorts come with thick waistbands which provide support to your love handles while you work out. You can get bike shorts with waistbands till mid-rise and high-rise. These bike shorts come with enough pockets to fit in all your essentials like phone, keys, cash, etc. You can pair it with a crop top or even long-length baggy t-shirts that would look just fine with your bike shorts. 

Oversized Jackets 

Everything oversized is one of the key features of the athleisure fashion! Following the trend, oversized jackets (aka windbreaker jackets) are an integral part of athleisure fashion. These jackets are lightweight and give you a sporty look. You can wear these jackets in summer mornings as well (when it is not very warm outside!). There is no structured silhouette to this jacket; you can easily buy windbreaker jackets online using promo codes for different online stores like Zalora, Ladaza, Shopee, etc. 


Sneakers are casual footwear that gives a sporty look and you can pair these perfectly with your athleisure style. In fact, an athleisure look is incomplete without a pair of perfect sneakers (imagine a black legging, paired with a crop top & a windbreaker jacket and you add your sneakers to finish the look!). You can go for simple subtle colors sneakers or go very loud and get a pair of sneakers with a lot of colors & prints. These sneakers find a mention even in the list of ‘must-haves for moms’.

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