4 Tips for Buying Your Kid’s Glasses Online

Last updated on July 21st, 2022 at 01:15 pm

Buying clothes online for your kid is convenient. You sit on your couch with your morning cuppa and your laptop, browsing styles and clicking through the prompts. It’s so much easier and far less time-consuming than taking your kids on a physical trip to a clothing store. But what about buying glasses online for your child? Here are four tips to make shopping for your kid’s glasses online both successful and fun.

1. Make Sure The Glasses Fit Properly

Having glasses that fit your kid well is important if you want them to feel comfortable wearing them. Glasses are no use if your kid keeps taking them off because they feel unpleasant to wear, explains Dr. Melody Huang, Doctor of Optometry at Mouqy. This is why at Mouqy, all adjustments are free. 

Here is how glasses should fit on your kid:

  • The glasses should be approximately the same size as your kid’s eye sockets.
  • The lenses should be contoured to follow the natural curve of each eye.
  • The temples should not be overly long.

2. Pick Glasses that Suit Your Kid’s Face Shape

The shape of the frame should complement your kid’s facial features and provide balance to them. You can identify your kid’s face shape by doing the following:

  • Snap a photo of your kid’s face straight on, with the hair pulled back from the face.
  •  Draw dots at the top, bottom, and sides of the face and pencil between them. This will give you a good idea of your kid’s face shape. 

Once you know your kid’s face shape, you can browse the most flattering types of frames. For instance, rounder faces look fabulous in rectangular frames, while heart-shaped faces look better with cat eye frames. Here’s the information for an in-depth guide on finding the right frame shape for your kid’s face. 

3. Use Virtual Try On

No parent is likely to buy glasses for their child without having them try the glasses on first. So, how can this work when buying kid’s glasses online?

Many online retailers offer some kind of digital try-on features where you and your kid can see how the glasses will look. This is a great way for both of you to play around and have fun deciding what kinds of frames look best. 

With Mouqy’s Virtual Try-On feature, your kids can try on their favorite frames in two ways:

  • Using a webcam to ‘wear’ them in real-time or
  • Uploading an image of the face

Your youngster will appreciate the trend-conscious designs and can even try on the crazier ones – you might be surprised at their choices and how well some of these look!

4. Make Sure You Choose Quality Lens Material

Certain types of lenses suit different prescription strengths. Whichever lens style you prefer, you can also opt to add blue light blocking technology to help prevent eye strain. This can be especially important if your kid spends hours at a time in front of a digital screen.

Buying Kid’s Glasses Online: Final Thoughts

Good-looking glasses that fit well will not take care of your kid’s eyesight issues if you don’t have the proper prescription. Make sure your growing child gets a regular eye exam in case the prescription needs to be updated. 

Before choosing an online glasses provider, make sure you check the reviews – you want to see input from satisfied buyers. If the reviews are good, take a look at some other things, e.g., are warranties offered, and what is the return policy?

Buying prescription eyeglasses online for your kid is as simple as that – you choose the frame and provide your kid’s up-to-date eye prescription. Your child’s new prescription glasses are ready to be delivered straight to your doorstep.


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