4 Tips to Make Moving Homes Easier for Your Kids

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 01:52 pm

Moving homes can be an exciting but stressful step, especially when you’re doing so with kids. Aside from ensuring you pack all their stuff, you’ll also need to plan towards making the relocation as smooth for them as possible. Research reveals that about two in five children in the UK move homes in their early years, and it could affect them negatively if not done right. Are you relocating with your kids and wondering how you can make the process easier for them? Here are a few practical tips.

Store your kids’ favourite items in specific boxes

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It’s best to pack your children’s best-loved items such as their toys and storybooks in one box to make it easier for you to find them. You can make it fun by labelling their boxes with colourful stickers or labels. Additionally, allow them to pack with you to feel they’re playing a significant role. Doing this will enable you to unbox their items quickly, so your kids have them in time and prepare their new room before anywhere else. Their old items will give them a feel of home and play a role in helping them adjust. As you pack, remember to store essential documents in a separate box to prevent any damage or loss.

Talk to your kids

This step is basic but essential in helping your kids adjust. It’s best to tell them about the move as early as you can. So you can have a heartfelt conversation with them. Doing this will enable you to answer any questions they may have and assure them you’ll be with them throughout the journey. Let them know some of the changes to expect and what will remain the same. It would also help if you communicated positively to give them a bright outlook that will excite them about the move. You can also pass by the new house with them before the actual move if you have the time.

Schedule with movers as early as possible

Booking your movers in advance will help make your move more organised and give you ample time to plan for the kids. You can hire a furniture removalist to save you time and make your move less stressful. Tasking them with significant aspects of relocating will also enable you to focus on other activities such as preparing your kids mentally for the move, selecting their new school, etc.

Stick to your usual routines

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Although you’re moving your kids into a new environment, you can still create a comfortable atmosphere for them by sticking to your old family routines. For example, you can still have breakfast together and read to them before bed. If you’re still unpacking furniture, you can make things exciting for your kids by rolling out a bright mat or carpet on the floor to have your meals. 

These tips will help make moving with your kids more manageable and fulfilling and help them settle well in their new environment.


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