5 Beauty Essentials for the Perfect Vanity

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 09:22 pm

Vanities are an excellent space for every girl to feel more beautiful and feel more confident. A vanity is a special place to dedicate some time to self-care by focusing on one’s beauty while also working on self-love. Every successful vanity has a few beauty essentials that need to be included to make the space look more uniform and put together. So these are the five essentials for creating the perfect vanity space.

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The Best Lighting

While it’s better to choose an area with a ton of natural light, it’s not always possible. The next best thing is to have the right light fixtures, you’ll want these to direct the light towards your face and not above it. If above your face, it will cast a shadow that can throw off your makeup application process. There are plenty of mirrors that have lighting features to assist, but if those are on the pricey side, lightbulbs that have a color rendering index of 90 or above will do the trick as well.

A Lovely Mirror

A vanity just truly isn’t a vanity unless there’s a mirror. You absolutely must have a mirror for your vanity area and dressing table, or else it’s just going to be another ordinary workspace. Plus how will you know how you look without a mirror? Mirrors are often the focal point for the vanity. So it’s best to go with something large since that reflects light. It never hurts to get a large dramatic mirror as well. You can find plenty of bold antique mirrors at thrift shops. Don’t forget the close-up mirror either, these are very handy for applying eye makeup without having to lean into the big mirror.

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Special Space for Accessories

Your accessories can be anything from hair products to jewellery. Most often there will be a designated spot for the most used products such as a little trinket dish for rings and other jewelry that’s often worn. A guide to David Morris jewellery is very helpful for showing off the more high-end stuff. This adds a touch of elegance to the vanity based on how these accessories are being displayed.

Proper Organization

You can put your makeup and accessories in storage organizers or have them displayed on the vanity. Either way, you’ll need to get organized and stay organized, or else it will begin to clutter fast. You can easily organize your vanity space like a pro. Try storing each makeup category in boxes and maybe even use clear lucite containers. This way, you will see where all of your items are and you can spend less time looking for your beauty products.

Comfy Seating

The stool is another aspect of the vanity that grabs a lot of attention, second to the mirror. Many people will often get small stools because they can easily be slid under the desk when not in use. Regardless of what type of seating you choose, be sure to choose something that makes a statement. Just like the mirror, you’ll want something bold and dramatic. Preferably complementing the mirror so the vanity looks more put together and blends in with the room. 


These are just some stuff that you need for the perfect vanity to get yourself beautiful any day. However, don’t forget these are just things and cannot replace an effective skin and dental care routine to get that glowing youthful look. This is especially the case for your teeth, which most of us tend to forget. If you want to have your teeth checked to know your current dental situation, you can check out this dentist in Greenbelt to get started.


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