5 Great Ideas to Perk Up Your Home Office

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:18 pm

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of Americans have taken to working from home. At first, it was a novelty; you may have cleared yourself a workspace in the kitchen or at the dining table and enjoyed not having to commute. Now, however, it looks as if working from home is here to stay with many people opting to work from their home office for at least part of the week. If you are one of them, you might need a change, since a kitchen table can get a little uncomfortable after a while and you’ll need some privacy. Here are some great ideas to perk up your home office.


It wasn’t worth finding yourself a permanent office space when you thought you would be at home for just a couple of weeks. However, now might be a good time for a re-think. Finding yourself some quiet space to work from does not need to be difficult. Perhaps you could utilize a corner of the basement or garage. You might even find that working from an occasional room such as the dining room or guest bedroom suits you well.


If your space does not look very welcoming, it might be time to find a free weekend and decorate it. Off-white is a good color as it is less stark than white but is neutral enough not to be distracting. Green and yellow work well too as they are soothing colors that will help you to focus on the job. Steer clear of colors such as red, which invokes passion, or black,which you may find depressing after a while. 


Make sure that your workstation is comfortable, as you will be spending a lot of time in it. Invest in an office chair that offers good lumbar support and arms to rest your elbows on. Your desk should be positioned at a comfortable eye height for you. Repetitive strain injury can be avoided with a wrist rest and a footrest will support your back, hips, and knees well. 

Lighting is important in your home office. You should make sure that it is bright enough to see properly so that you are not straining your eyes, but it is not so bright that it gives you a headache. Backlighting is good because it will help you to see your computer without shining directly in your face which can be distracting. 

Back to Nature

Nature is a wonderful way to clear the mind and help the creative juices to flow. If you can, position your desk so that you can enjoy looking out of the window at the backyard or the view from your home. If sitting near a window is impractical, you could always bring nature to you with some well-placed flowers or pot plants. 



Now that you can rejoice in not having to endure coffee from the office vending machine anymore, it might be time to reward your working from home days with a great tasting coffee. Pods or capsules taste wonderful and will give you the energy and focus to get through the day. 

Stock up your cupboards with healthy snacks and fresh fruit. Many people find that they snack more when they work from home, but this doesn’t have to mean that you must be unhealthy. In fact, working from home should be healthier as you don’t have to rely on the food from the cafeteria or local sandwich shop. To boost your brainpower, snacks such as bananas and nuts are an excellent choice. 

Use these great ideas to perk up your home office and help you enjoy the experience.


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