5 Ways to Renovate Your Living Spaces

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Your home is where you spend quality time with yourself and your family. It makes sense that your living space should be just as fulfilling as the time you spend in it. Life can get in the way, and spaces can become cluttered or just not cosy enough! Here are five ways you can make a difference in your home.

1. Change Your Front Door

Give Yourself a New Entrance 

If you don’t have the budget to get an entirely new front door, don’t worry! Even just a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. Front doors are the first impression of your home that people get upon seeing it. When you think about the homes you have lived in, the front doors may be the most recognizable when you remember them. Having a door that looks new, fresh and suited to your style is sure to make all the difference to your home! Even if it’s a newly polished door knocker or a bright welcome mat, the entrance to your home should be the start of your renovation. Make your exterior just as welcoming as your interior!

2. Add Some Outside to The Inside

Grab a Plant or a Vase!

It may seem tedious or small, but flowers on the countertop or plants in the corners of rooms can give the room a much fresher look! Greenery and growth always give interiors an element of life, breathing a burst of colour into the space. Studies have even shown that having plants in your home can offer benefits to your health! They have been shown to improve homeowners’ productivity and concentration as well as being an eye-catcher in a room, so there’s no reason not to have them in your living space.

3. Put Some of Your Possessions To One Side

Declutter Your Home!

Your possessions are the things that make or break your home. Of course, what your style is is suited to you and is entirely subjective. However, overindulging and cluttering too many things in one space can make it smaller and less visually open. Having room to move around in your home is essential to how your home feels to you. We all have attachments to our possessions, which can make it difficult to get rid of them, but you don’t have to! StorageArea.com offers facilities to store your things in when you don’t have room for them. There are thousands of options depending on your area, and these can be reserved for free and are typically low-priced! Declutter your space and give yourself the room to breathe in your home.

4. Lay a New Rug or Stair-Runner

Give Your Home a New Pattern!

In addition to making your space physically quieter, a rug can add an element of warmth to your home. They have the ability to brighten a dark room, which can be beneficial from a financial perspective as opposed to changing all the colours of your furniture and walls. A rug can highlight the accents in your living spaces and make the area feel much more coordinated. 

5. Give Your Garden a New Lease of Life

The Grass Could Always Be Greener!

If you have a garden area, you should utilise this space as efficiently as possible. Gardens can be the heart of the home, especially in the summer, and if you add some seating and tables, it can add a cosier aspect to the open space, helping to contain the exterior with a touch of snugness.

Credit: Marissa Price/ Unsplash


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