Benefits of buying furniture online

Last updated on July 26th, 2022 at 08:35 pm

As we finish off the renovations on the loft, we have the task of furnishing it now. We built an office, and a bedroom with an ensuite in it on the third floor of our house this summer. I can’t wait to decorate it. I love having a blank canvas to start with. It’s like my brain immediately explodes into what I envision it will be when I am finished. I always start with the big furniture. What style I want? Where I put each piece? Then it’s time to do my research and shopping.

compare catalogues buying furniture online

Where do you shop for your home furniture?

With three kids, buying furniture online has definitely been easier for me. I have a few favorite shops near me that always has unique pieces that not everyone has and for good prices. But after pouring over Pinterest for weeks before I start buying, online is just better for me to compare in masses.

We didn’t think about our renovations ending right at Christmas time. The last thing we want to do is fork out loads of money to decorate after our big renovation and Christmas ahead. So buy now pay later catalogues are amazing at helping keep cash flow or give us better payment options. You can get them to compare all of the top UK catalogues by analysing their product range, finance options, delivery and returns policy as well as their customer service. What a great service and helps us out too.

I know many like to see, touch and feel what they are buying but I also feel when you walk into a shop, you are stuck to that one shop. You will end up buying the matching tables, the matching lamps or the ones they had in the display because someone else styled it and you don’t quite trust yourself to find another one similar or one that will go as nice. It’s just gives you tunnel vision, in my opinion.

I like to create a Pinterest board of the new trends and ones that won’t date that I want for a room. Then I like to scope out the very expensive, luxury sites and see what is selling the most and styles that are HOT. These are just researching and taking notes. Sometimes you can find amazing bargains in the sales at these stores but usually I can find almost the same item for a lot less elsewhere. It’s all about the research which can only be done properly online.

Shopping for furniture online gives you so much benefits because it allows you to be able to see trends, see luxury items and find cheaper versions and compare prices and styles from multiple sites just in one evening. It would take days running around to various shops to do this.

But a bigger benefit is using online shopping payment options like above to help you spread the cost of what you lust for in your home. It may be that one luxury piece that is the focal point of a room you need to be able to pay weekly on. Or it may be cash flow is slow like at Christmas or after a big renovation like us, that you just need those payments to be more gradual than one big lump sum.

Let’s not forget the ability to sort it all out in the comfort of your own home. Now, that’s a bargain. My entire house can be decorated without me having to run around a bunch of shops with three children in tow. That’s music to my ears.

There are so many benefits to buying furniture online.

We can’t wait to finish off the rooms and give you all the grand tour. My office is waiting for one more special piece and B’s bedroom needs painted and a big rug and we are set. You will love what we have down in the hallway, and we got it all by buying furniture online.

compare catalogues buying furniture online


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