Grasscloth Wallpaper You Can Use To Create Warm Inviting Entertainment Space

Last updated on March 31st, 2024 at 10:45 am

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Some people overlook wallpaper as a way to create a new look in a room, but it’s time to bring it back. The old-fashioned vinyl wallpaper of the past is gone and modern decorators have more options than ever to make a statement on the walls. For a modern take on the idea, explore grasscloth wallpaper options and see how they could fit into your home, whether it’s a floral hopsack fabric by the yard or a tropical linen print.

Natural And Layered Style

So why should you add wallpaper instead of just painting your walls? The answer is texture. Grasscloth wallpaper has a woven texture and feel that stands out in a space. It adds warmth and interest to the room in any color you want. That means you can have a bold hue but soften it with the natural texture of the grasscloth.

Grasscloth wallpaper is also the perfect material for creating layers of design. You could use wallpaper on the top half of a wall and install a chair rail, then paint or make a different focal point on the lower half. This is a cool way to redesign your dining room or entertainment area.

Adding an Expensive Feel

Wallpaper is also helpful when you want to elevate the feel of a room. The unique texture adds depth to the space, making it feel more elegant and expensive. Grasscloth is also hard to replicate with other materials, so when people see it, they know you’ve made an investment in your design.

Thanks to this, you can make any room more glamorous. For instance, a baby’s room isn’t always the fanciest part of the house, but using nursery wallpaper in a luxurious style and color that fits with your decorating theme can take the room to a new level.

Don’t be afraid to use grasscloth in unexpected places as an accent. Install some wallpaper along the back wall of a bookshelf or cabinet, or in the wall surrounding a reading nook. It’s just another way to introduce a special moment into your interior design aesthetic.

A Look That Lasts

One thing that holds some people back from embracing wallpaper is a fear that it will look outdated eventually. You don’t have to worry about this if you pick a high-quality grasscloth wallpaper. To make sure it stands the test of time as your design ideas change, go for a solid color or a simple pattern in a tone that you gravitate towards.

For even more versatility, have a neutral color installed. It will be the perfect backdrop for your furniture, regardless of whether you choose modern styles or traditional pieces.

Get Bold With Grasscloth Wallpaper

Don’t stay stuck with safe designs in your home. Embrace something new and find a grasscloth wallpaper that fits your style and space. From flax linen fabric by the yard to animal-themed designs for playful spaces, you can add a little something extra without a ton of work. Start exploring options that work for you today.


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