Have a picky eater? You need See & Eat!

Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 01:46 pm

See & Eat is an amazing project that has invented something so great to aid parents with picky eaters and those parents that are introducing and encouraging their kids to eat more vegetables. We have been testing them out on our toddler with great results!

Do you eat your vegetables? Do your children eat their vegetables?

It’s hard to get them to love vegetables as much as fruit when fruit are so much sweeter and a lot of children don’t like the look of vegetables. The unknown on a plate, as we can all relate, can be overwhelming to try if it’s the first time we have ever seen it. But, if a child can be familiarised with vegetables through a picture book, it may change their liking of and willingness to try them.

The See & Eat project uses this amazing concept to share vegetable e-books with your children using the Our Story App. So iPad time can be learning and helping them eat healthier. How great is that? No more, kinder egg YouTube videos.

Research Behind It!

They aren’t just telling you this will help your child and you. They have evidence based research to prove it and use learning techniques like: Show, Grow, Shop, Explore, Cook and last but most important Eat.

I also love that iPad time is educational. I try to limit our time with our little ones on electronics so I love when it is time to use them, it benefits us all.

The See & Eat project has been funded by European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Food, is being led by Professor Carmel Houston-Price at the University of Reading and is supported by partners including the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF).

Is it User Friendly?

You can read these on smartphones and tablets. All you have to do is download the Our Story App and click on the See & Eat website which e-books you want to download and read. Its so quick and easy we did it in only a few seconds.

The See & Eat website has been launched to enable more families across Europe to access 24 vegetable e-Books, which are now available in English, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Dutch and French.

Baby O loves to click through various vegetables and now even re-tells the stories to us afterwards. It’s so cute. It’s super easy for him to turn the pages with just a little swipe or click of the screen on the side. The words pop up to read and you can have them without the words for picture stories too.

E-books and How They Encourage!

We have been going through the vegetable e-books on at a time. We downloaded the e-book for carrots. It taught us where we could find it, how it grows, what it looks like in a variety of types and then after a few times we had a picnic with carrots and talked about the story together.

Next we did the same with cauliflower. A vegetable he never wanted to even try and now he calls them white trees and loves them. I really do believe it’s because he recognizes it from his e-book.

More Fun Activities Offline.

It’s not just about reading about vegetables and exploring them in shops and at home together, See & Eat also has amazing resources to take it to the next level. From coloring pages to memory games with vegetables and adventure map games too. So many activities to take their learning into imagination and fun. These are new evidence-based activities to help children try new vegetables.

The other kids like to read them to him and interact with the activities too. I love it’s become a family affair.

As a parent of three children, I have tried a few weaning techniques in the past. Some worked. Some didn’t. But this is really been so amazing to test out with my last baby. He has loved the interactive activities offline and really more aware of what he is eating and more willing to try new things. It’s so important at weaning and preschool age to get a balanced diet without having to bribe, plea, and stress over what they will and won’t eat.


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