How Hiring a Lawyer Following a Car Accident Benefits You

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 09:24 pm

New York City traffic is notoriously bad. You might hit traffic even in the middle of the night in any of the five boroughs. If you’re headed home during rush hour, you probably know that taxi drivers and other motorists barely slow down or use their turn signals in many cases.

Collisions happen every day in New York City. Sometimes they’re minor fender benders, but other times you’ll total your car and injure yourself.

In those situations, you should consider hiring a car accident attorney. We’ll explain why that’s a good idea right now.

The Other Driver Might Dispute Your Event Version

Hiring a lawyer helps following a New York car accident in many instances. Sometimes, the other driver might say something happened when you know that is not the real story.

You might have to present evidence in court that demonstrates you’re telling the truth about the collision, and the other driver isn’t. To do that, you can hire a lawyer who has an accident scene reconstructionist on their payroll.

An accident scene reconstructionist can look at pictures from the crash site and physical evidence to recreate what happened. If you have one who can recreate the scene convincingly for a jury, they should find in your favor. You can collect the money you need to fix your damaged vehicle and pay for any medical bills and other expenses you’ve incurred.

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You Want Someone to Lean on During the Trial

If you take the other driver to court, you can use your lawyer to inspire and fortify you when you feel like giving up. That might happen if you feel discouraged or that the whole process is too lengthy.

A good car accident lawyer can stick up for you and tell you to keep fighting until you’ve won your case. They can act as your cheerleader at a time when you might need that.

Car accident lawyers can explain to you what’s happening during each trial phase. They’ll tell you what to expect in court and coach you on how to answer questions the other driver’s lawyer might ask.

They Might Get You a Settlement Out of Court

You may hire a lawyer who can get you money through a settlement instead of going through a jury trial to try to get the other driver to pay. The pretrial process between you and the other driver is like a high-stakes game to see who will blink first.

In the pretrial discovery phase, you need to show the other driver and their lawyer what evidence you have collected about the crash. The other driver’s lawyer will advise them to either settle or continue on to the trial phase.

If the other driver’s lawyer tells them they’re probably going to lose at trial because you and your attorney have too much evidence backing up your claim, they might advise the other driver to settle with you. That way, you can get money without needing to go through the lengthy, often frustrating trial process.

If you can get a lawyer like Harrell and Harrell car accident lawyers to secure a settlement offer that sounds acceptable, you’ll feel happy you hired that particular attorney. On your own, you don’t have the same resources that an experienced car accident law firm has available.

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Your Lawyer Can Help You Communicate with Insurance Companies

You might also choose to contact a New York City car crash attorney because you’re dealing with either your auto insurance company, the other driver’s insurance provider, or both. Ideally, your insurance company will give you the money to which the crash entitles you. The other driver’s insurance provider will do the same.

Sometimes, either your company or the other driver’s provider won’t pay you the money you need. They might cite a technicality or claim the crash happened differently from what you stated in your accident report.

If this happens, you need a lawyer who won’t stand for car insurance company tricks. Car insurance companies are for-profit entities, so they’ll sometimes try to deny your claim for frivolous reasons. Your lawyer won’t let them get away with that, and you’ll feel glad they’re fighting vigorously for you.

New York City car wrecks can overwhelm you sometimes, but getting an experienced lawyer should put you on more stable footing. Make sure you get someone with lots of prior experience who won’t let anyone push them around. That’s the first step toward getting the money and satisfaction you desire.


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