How To Make The Most Out Of Your Time In Wales

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Wales is a place where anyone can find something they will love. The country offers countless places that are tied to history and culture. Whether you enjoy learning about history, embarking on outdoor adventures, exploring cities, indulging in cultural experiences, or trying new cuisines, Wales is the place to be. 

To this day, fans can still visit many Welsh places that have served as filming locations for many popular films and TV shows. There are also many opportunities to get to know Welsh traditions and artistry from up close. All you need to do to make your trip successful is to plan carefully. Here are our top tips on how to make the most out of your time in Wales.

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Research Your Journey And Destination Thoroughly

Spontaneous trips can be fun. However, researching your journey and destination in advance can make the overall travelling experience better. To keep your research in one place, you can try to create a document with all the interesting information. Microsoft Word converter tool can help you to include information from brochures and other materials. 

Then, you can easily keep all the facts and tips in one place. For instance, you can collect information on restaurants in the surroundings of your accommodation. And if you are travelling to places with a rich heritage, you might want to research some of the key historical moments that happened there. 

Prepare For The Unexpected

When you are packing for your trip to Wales, you should be prepared for any circumstances. Welsh weather can be unpredictable, and you might experience various weather conditions each season. So, you should pack enough clothes that will protect you from rain and wind. 

To make your trip as stress-free as possible, you should also protect your health and belongings. If you are suffering from any health problems, you should not forget to bring any medication you need. Your car, bikes and other valuable items in your possession should be insured. Then, there will not be anything that could surprise you on your Welsh adventure. 

Travel Through Welsh History

It is said that Wales is the country with the most castles per square meter. There are over 600 castles, all built at different times and eras. Some of the castles may seem like they could bring fairy tales and legends to life. However, each building has its own unique story. Some castles are also connected to significant figures of British history. For instance, Flint, Harlech, Conwy, Beaumaris and Caernarfon castles are tightly connected to the reign of Kind Edward I. 

Suppose you want to see Welsh history as a bigger picture. In that case, you should explore some of the many museums and galleries the country offers. These institutions will guide you visually through the development of Welsh culture and artistry. While walking through exhibitions, you will be able to learn more about the industrial, cultural and political impact of the country. Visit one of the many museums and galleries and see what place Wales takes in history.

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Explore The Beauty Of Welsh Nature

The Welsh landscape has something to offer to everyone. Wales takes pride in its national parks and mountains. However, you can also find beaches and enjoy a few restful moments by the sea. Those who enjoy hiking and exploring natural wonders and scenery on foot should consider conquering at least a part of the Wales Coast Path. The trail runs along the coast and can offer breathtaking views that will make your trip unforgettable.

On the other hand, those who enjoy looking at the world from the window of their cars might like going on a road trip to Snowdonia National Park. You will see forests, clear lakes and snowy mountain peaks along the way. Ultimately, it does not matter whether you explore the beauty of Welsh nature by walking or driving a car. Wales will be able to charm you with every step and turn you might take.

Try Out The Local Cuisine

If you want to get to know a country thoroughly, you should always try the local cuisine. Just like others, even Wales has a lot to offer when it comes to food and drinks. Welsh lamb and beef are renowned for their quality all over the world. Particularly on the coast, you can also find quality fish and mussels. There are also many kinds of cheese that are specific to Wales and can grace any cheeseboard. 

When you are trying traditional dishes in restaurants, you might find that many of them have one ingredient in common. Leek is a staple of Welsh cuisine and is a part of dishes such as cawl or Glamorgan sausage. 

Visit Locations From Your Favourite Films And TV Shows

Wales often appears in films and TV shows alike. There are many locations that might seem familiar to you because you have seen them on the screen before. Most notably, Doctor Who has been filmed in locations all over the country. You can visit places you have seen throughout the seasons. For instance, if you have always wanted to visit Bad Wolf Bay, head over to Southerndown Beach. There, you can relive one of the most emotional scenes Doctor Who has to offer.

However, Wales also has a place no fan of Harry Potter should miss. Freshwater West beach in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is where the Shell Cottage was located during the filming of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. Of course, the building was deconstructed after the filming. Even without the set, the location does not lose its charm, and you can see where the stories of your favourite characters have unfolded.

Trace The Steps Of Famous Poets And Writers

With its natural beauty, it is no wonder that many writers and poets fell in love with the country. One of the most notable literary links to Wales is Dylan Thomas. He was a Welsh poet who revolutionised how the world saw the genre. Thomas was born in the Uplands suburb of Swansea, where he spent nearly two decades. If you would like to trace his footsteps further, head to the area of Laugharne, where he spent the last few years of his life.

The Welsh language made a big impression on J. R. R. Tolkien and significantly influenced his work. For example, the names of many characters in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were inspired by the language. The country is also connected to the infamous story of Alice in Wonderland. The real Alice that Lewis Carrol based the story on spent holidays in Llandudno. While you are in Wales, you should visit the Alice trail that will walk you through the story. 

Let Welsh Festivals Make Your Soul Soar

Besides traditional food and drinks, you can also try a bit of Welsh food for the soul. Every year, there are many festivals taking place. Whether you enjoy music, arts, books, food or just want to spend time with like-minded people, there will be an event that suits your preferences. For instance, Hay Festival is the place for all bookworms and literature enthusiasts. The festival is held in Hay-On-Wye, a town with the most bookshops in the UK, and is a great place to meet your favourite authors and other readers. 

On the other hand, if you enjoy attending concerts that take place in smaller venues, you might want to consider attending the Sŵn Festival. Its primary purpose is to support rising stars and the upcoming generation of musicians. Through your attendance, you will be able to support the future of the music industry, and perhaps you will find your new favourite band, too.


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