How to Use Collectables to Enhance Your Home Décor: Where Tradition Meets Creative Expression

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The rarity or uniqueness of an item only adds to the thrill of the chase when it comes to collecting objects and pieces. As your collection grows, so does the amount of effort you must put in to find and care for these items. The sheer anticipation and excitement of finding and preserving your collectables culminate in the most rewarding experience – seeing them displayed in your home.

The sense of pride and joy that comes with seeing your collectable items on display is unrivalled. Not only do you get to showcase the fruits of your collecting labour, but you also get to combine traditional design elements with character to create a truly unique home décor.

What Are the Most Popular Collectables?

What some view as mere trinkets and knick-knacks, others view as timeless treasures. What’s seemingly a piece of junk to some could be worth a pretty penny to others. This is what separates a collector from a hobbyist – the ability to differentiate between what’s valuable and what’s not. Some pieces are tipping the scale more than others, including:

Silver Figurines

Perhaps one of the most sought-after materials amongst collectors, silver undoubtedly has a certain charm and allure that other metals just can’t replicate. Its shimmery and luxurious finish is appealing yet not overpowering, while its durability edges out its seemingly delicate appearance.

Given its inherently appealing properties, getting your hands on a stunning silver figurine to add to your collection is definitely worth the investment. Whether a simple yet exquisite trinket or an intricately detailed centrepiece, you can rest assured that your whole collection will benefit from the addition.

The vast animal kingdom is one of the most prevalent motifs when it comes to a modern silver figurine. From intricate and life-like representations of domestic animals like chickens, pigs and lambs to more exotic animals such as elephants and tigers, the contemporary collectable scene appreciate diversity.

Some of the more unusual yet striking pieces include designs of a rabbit in a hat, a domestic cat chasing mice on a ladder, a Dalmatian with a gramophone and birds on a branch. Even though they represent everyday items and scenarios, they do it in a way that’s both imaginative and humorous.

For a floral theme, opt for a single rosebud with a stem or a more extravagant bouquet in full bloom. You can use these pieces to create a sense of energy and life in your home – perfect for those who appreciate nature and its beauty.

And for the lovers of the Aussie coast, coral and shell-inspired pieces are ones to consider. Representations of the ocean and its inhabitants provide a wonderful reminder of our country’s breathtaking beaches, with an array of sculptures and figurines available to satisfy your needs.

Glass Ornaments

Speaking of delicate pieces, glass ornaments have their place in the collection world thanks to their exquisite beauty and affordability. The captivating Maleras glass ornaments come in many shapes, sizes and colours, with some resembling marbles and others resembling the classic teardrop.

Once again, the animal kingdom makes an appearance in the glass ornament scene, with the likes of deer and owls in various settings and designs. But if you prefer something a little more abstract, there are plenty of glass orbs with intricate layouts and patterns that will satisfy your needs.

The floral motifs also make their special appearance in the Maleras glass range, with vibrant petals and stems used to create a full-bodied design. They’re enclosed in a glass bubble with a matt finish, making them look more delicate and beautiful.

You can also use some floral arrangements as tea light holders, with their open petals providing a pleasant, ambient glow. The shadows and reflections created by the glass make for a wonderfully calming experience and can help you find peace on a busy day.

The sheer attention to detail that goes into each piece is simply astonishing and provides a fresh, eye-catching appeal to any collection. Some have darker, more mysterious hues while some have a lighter, more innocent feel. Either way, they’re all incredibly mesmerising and create an atmosphere of serenity whenever you look at them.

Porcelain Paperweights

Porcelain has been used since Ancient China and is renowned for its strong material properties and delicate glaze. It’s created by combining clay, feldspar and quartz in a kiln to form the final product. Once finished, the porcelain is carefully moulded and glazed with vibrant colours to create a distinctive design.

While normal paperweights help keep your books and paperwork organised, porcelain ones take practicality to a new level and allow you to do so in style. From gorgeous butterfly and peacock designs to more delicate swans and flowers, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to your selection.

How to Care for Your Collectables

Expanding your collection with extraordinary pieces is one thing, but ensuring that they’ll last for years is a completely different affair. To ensure the longevity of your items, you’ll need to take the following steps:

Use Specialised Cleaning Solutions

Mild soaps and detergents are best for cleaning your treasured trinkets, as harsh chemicals may damage them and ruin their finish. Make sure you read any labels or instructions and test the solution on a small part of the item first.

You can dust your silver pieces with a soft cloth or brush. Never use harsh cleaning materials, such as steel wool or abrasives, as these can cause scratches. If you notice any discolouration or tarnish, it’s best to visit a jeweller or antique dealer for advice on restoration.

Never Store Figurines in Areas with High Humidity or Temperature Fluctuations

High humidity and frequent temperature changes can cause the materials used to make your items to expand or contract. This can lead to cracking or splitting, with the figurines becoming distorted or misshapen.

To prevent this, store your items in a dry and well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. A display case or cabinet with doors is ideal for this and will help to preserve the original beauty of all your pieces.

Polish Silver Collectibles with a Soft Cloth

Despite being a durable material, silver can become dull and tarnished over time. To restore its original shine, use a soft cloth to apply a silver polish in a circular motion. This should help to remove any oxidation, revealing the beautiful lustre of your collectables once again.

Don’t leave the polish on for too long, as this can lead to discolouration. A quick wipe and buff with a dry cloth should be enough to keep the silver looking its best. Once done, store your silver away in a cool and dry place to prevent future tarnishing.

Apply a Protective Layer Such as Wax or Varnish on Porcelain

Porcelain is known for its thin glaze and smooth finish. While this is a true delight to touch and admire, it can be prone to chipping and cracking due to its fragility.

To reduce this risk and ensure the integrity of your figurines, you should apply a protective layer such as wax or varnish onto them. In this way, you’re essentially creating a barrier against dust, dirt and other elements from entering and causing damage.


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