Is Vinyl Flooring the Change I Need in the Summer?

Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 01:39 pm

During the hotter months, everyone tends to get a little sense of change in the air, especially when it gets too hot for walking around on carpets that add heat to a room.

A recurring notion that people are thinking about is what kind of floor could they replace the carpet with to make their home a bit more presentable. Luxury vinyl flooring has continued to be the firm favourite for people sick of seeing the same floor day in and out.

With that in mind, this is the perfect time of the year to refresh your home with a look of Distinctive flooring.

Bright dining room with decorative table and chairs made in minimalist style. Luxury interior of a modern house

Best Brand

The main focus when it comes to vinyl flooring is the expectations people have for achieving the look and feel of real hardwood, stone or marble flooring without the downsides the genuine product presents.

Installing the authentic product is an expensive exercise that totals more in repairs and maintenance over time. Distinctive vinyl planks and tiles work to eliminate the bad points whilst reinforcing the good, such as having a perfectly replicated stone floor without the discomfort underfoot and lavish tiles that don’t require waxes or polishes to keep looking fresh.

How exactly does Distinctive vinyl flooring remain the top option for those looking to achieve great flooring?

Problem Solved

Distinctive is one of those brands that has worked hard to produce high-end luxury vinyl for use throughout any room, achieving an indistinguishable visual presentation of wood, tile and stone.

To achieve this they offer a vast selection of colours, patterns and styles to transform your home how you want it with minimum effort. Being among the most versatile flooring options on the market, it perfectly fits various subfloors such as timber or concrete and can be installed over existing underfloor heating systems, not limiting to which type of vinyl you want to choose. 

This is typically a problem with other flooring options.

Feeling Benefits

With its design consisting of high-pressure compressed resin during its manufacture, luxury vinyl flooring is the most highly durable product on the market that doesn’t suffer splits, chips or discolouring – which is a regular occurrence in the genuine article.

Distinctive is considered the best quality of vinyl currently occupying the marketplace, with a lasting guarantee which makes it the preferred choice for heavy traffic areas and footfall to have many years of satisfaction. 

In choosing vinyl instead of hardwood flooring for the bathroom, you are further protected against moisture and humidity and a simple clean via either a mop or brush to get back to its original look is all that is required.

As the end of summer makes us pine for something different, check out luxury vinyl flooring, such as grey herringbone vinyl flooring, as an option to transform how you feel about your home.


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