Keeping your children safe on the internet

Last updated on June 15th, 2017 at 06:54 am

As a parent there is nothing I want more than to keep my children safe on the internet. The internet can be a very scary place of so many unknowns. It’s hard to decide that balance between letting your children roam the internet freely and never letting them on it. We are in an age where children need to know how to use the internet, navigate it, find information, communicate, and also how to stay safe.

Even as a blogger parent, that knows a lot about the internet, I don’t necessarily know all the right answers when it comes to my children getting online. It’s only now starting to become an issue where my kids have started school, they do homework online now and are wanting to search for things on YouTube. With YouTube being such a big thing to watch at such a young age, it’s important now more than ever that I learn how to keep my kids safe while they are online. They are at an age where it would be easy to navigate to the wrong website or someone try to start a chat with them not having a clue they could be in danger. 

Just as I was taught while growing up, we teach our children not to talk to strangers on the street, don’t tell strangers where you live, or any of your personal information. Those are the most popular ways we can begin to warn our children about online dangerous too. But with video games now where they can chat and play with opponents across the world, with ways to have secret chats or private messages sent, or even YouTube unsupervised there is so much more we need to alert our children to on the internet.

I am teaming up with Kaspersky Safe Kids to help keep your children safe on the internet and help you understand the dangers and what you can do to prevent them from happening. I have learned so much just getting involved here and at the right time before my kids are teenagers and have a bigger online presence than I do. 

Kaspersky have created such a great software to guard against online risks, help parents manage online usage time, it can even locate your children for you. If they have a mobile/cell phone this is an amazing tool. It works on PC, MAC or Mobile. As a parent, don’t we want to know where our children are at all times? I know, I do. You can monitor your kids’ social media and calls & texts if you need to too.  You are their online manager lurking in the shadows so they don’t have to feel the pressure of your million questions of what they are doing because you can watch over them virtually instead of physically. 

I definitely think it’s about balance and being able to check in on your children not so much as read their every single text, email, or social media post. From a parents point of view, if you had a child acting out of character, or behavior changed all the sudden the first thing you want to know is that they are safe for peace of mind. Society has changed drastically since I was growing up and sadly this is what parents need to educate themselves on and their children for the future. 

How much do your children know about the internet? How much do you know about protecting them? Check out this Kaspersky Safe Kids video below… 

I know as my children grow up I want to know that they know how to be safe online. The internet is such a huge part of the world today and they need to know how to use it properly as much as safely. Parents need to know just how to protect them from the dangerous that lurk online too.

*Collaboration – All opinions here are my own and I truly believe not enough parents know enough on how to protect their children online. 

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