Major Changes to MOT Guidelines

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:19 pm

Many drivers don’t realise exactly what goes on during an MOT inspection these days. Even fewer understand how much the annual test has altered in the last few years. These days, it is harder than ever before to pass an MOT because – to put it bluntly – the various inspections that are required have become more and more exacting. No wonder that some MOT inspection centres charge an arm and leg nowadays. Don’t worry, though, because Elite MOT Garage London offers DVSA-approved MOT certification at amazing prices. Schedule your date today! In the meantime, what are the sorts of new inspections you can expect?

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Power Steering

Although power steering systems have been around for ages, the rules regarding MOT checks with them only got tightened up as recently as 2018. Even a relatively inconsequential fault with your power steering system may result in getting a Minor defect on your MOT and you don’t want too many of those. That said, most motorists want their steering system to be in top-notch condition at all times, so these checks are worth it.

Diesel Filters

Diesel-powered cars often make smoke when they’re being driven around. However, the latest rules state that emissions for such vehicles are tighter than ever before if they’re fitted with a relatively common diesel particulate filter. These filters mean the emissions have to be even lower. Smoke from a car with such a filter will result in a failure as will signs of tampering with the filter itself.

Daytime Running Lights

Cars that have daytime running lights fitted have been subject to an additional MOT check since 2021. If your car does not have them, then you don’t need to worry which seems a little unfair given that newer models with them will be checked. Only cars made after March 2018 require MOT technicians to make a check on them, however.

Headlight Washers

Not all cars have them but headlamp washers are also part of a standard MOT these days. If you have a classic car, then you won’t need to worry about whether your washers are working, however. This is because they are only subject to MOT inspection if the car was made from September 2009 onwards. The same goes for reversing lights. Any car made after this date – that’s most on the road today, of course – will have its reversing light checked, something that wasn’t the case five or six years ago. 


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