Relaxation is Key: 10 Ways to Immerse Yourself into Chillout Mode

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 09:40 pm

Relaxation is Key: 10 Ways to Immerse Yourself into Chillout Mode
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A busy life deserves some moments of relaxation. Only, when you’re constantly on the go, it’s hard to stop. That’s why you should follow these 10 tips to immerse yourself into proper chillout mode. 

A lounge around kind of day should be guilt-free. It should also be comfy, cosy and totally relaxing. That’s why you need to prepare yourself for a proper chilled experience, where you can feel good about doing nothing. You don’t have to be productive all the time… take some time for you too. 

We’ve got the tips to tell you how… 

1. Get comfy

Number one: a good pair of PJ’s or Loungewear. Getting comfy should be your number one priority for a chillout day. That means no tight denim, no stiff shirts, and nothing restricting. 

You’re going to want the softest cotton pyjamas, a casual legging and hoodie combo, or a joggers set. Whatever your outfit of choice, make it a snuggly one. And add your favourite slippers to activate full cosy mode. 

2. Clear your schedule

No interruptions. No distractions. Just pure relaxation time. Yes please! Giving yourself the time to fully wind down, involves ensuring no one is asking anything of you or expecting your company. If you’ve got kids, every once in a while, take the opportunity to send them on a play date or drop them at a family or friend’s house. Then enjoy the day to yourself. Parents, more than anyone, deserve a bit of peace and quiet every now and again. 

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3. Sneak the snacks

There is no room for silly diets on a chillout day. Treat yourself to your favourite snacks, and since you’ve cleared your schedule, they’ll be no one there to nab half your chocolate stash. 

Get yourself your favourite chocolate, crisps or sweets, and have them to yourself. Don’t make yourself ill, of course, but allowing a few treats to see you through the day, is never a bad thing. 

4. Film vs. Series

Are you a film fanatic or a serial series watcher? Either way, you can dedicate your relaxation day to catching up on your TV favourites. Whether that be binging a gripping season of murder mysteries or succumbing to a cheesy chick-flick film. 

5. Bring your blanket

There is little point in wearing you comfies if you can’t complete the set up with a blanket. Your sofa day deserves the finishing touches of a cosy blanket to optimise your relaxation experience. Snuggle up in your soft blankey and rest your head as you recline with you snacks and series (or movie) playing. 

Relaxation is Key: 10 Ways to Immerse Yourself into Chillout Mode
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6. Meditation motivation 

We’re here to tell you that gaining some motivation to meditate on your chillout day, can do more that you’d think. Giving yourself the space and time to be at one with your surroundings can help release any unwanted tension and stress. Find yourself a great meditation tutorial on YouTube or Spotify and go through the steps until you feel yourself relax. It can work wonders for your mental and physical health – helping to relieve your body and mind of the stresses of everyday life. 

7. Escape in a story

Another amazing way to sink yourself into relaxation, is to immerse yourself into a good book. Lose yourself in a story and escape the real world for a couple of hours. If you’re not a huge reader, you can get yourself an audiobook on Audible (or similar), and sit back, relax and listen to someone else’s calming voice bring you into a new world. 

8. Get out the house

We’re all for a lazy day indoors but getting yourself some fresh air can do you the world of good too. Just a 15-minute walk out in nature can relax your mind and set you up for a lovely day of relaxation. We recommend getting out first thing, or maybe after early evening after you’ve been on the sofa for a while. Stretch your legs, take in your natural surroundings, and breath in the fresh air. 

9. Good food

Snacking is essential. But proper meals are too. Make sure you get yourself 3 solid meals for the day. A healthy breakfast, and light lunch and a hearty dinner. 

By filling your body with the nutrients it needs, you’ll feel better for it. Relaxing is also about caring for your body, so eating properly is a must. Whether that be a cheeky take away or a home cooked meal, you need to give your body the sustenance it needs. 

10. Sleep soundly

The temptation to stay up all night, so that your day of relaxation never ends – is real. But you need sleep too. After a cosy, comfy day, get yourself into your PJs and tuck yourself up in bed. You could stick on a podcast, or some more of your audiobook to help you drift off. Or you can immerse is sleepy silence until you fall into a sound sleep. After such a chilled day, you’re likely to get the best night’s sleep you have had in days. So, make the most of it!

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