Top 5 Tips to Write Better Essays

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If you’re not a native English speaker and are learning it as a second language, you can find writing English essays more challenging. Essay writing is challenging, even for students that are native speakers, so it’s understandable if you’re struggling with it as your second language. However, constant practice is crucial to learning and improving your command of the language.

Generally, it can be an overwhelming experience to learn to read and speak a foreign language. However, it’s not enough to speak and read, you must also learn to write, and this is the most difficult one to accomplish. Learning to write comes with several benefits and opportunities, but you need to capitalize on them. Apart from improving your academic grades, it also boosts your career prospects, makes it easier for you to express yourself and communicate in a globalized world, and boosts your confidence. 

If you’re looking to improve your English writing skills, you can achieve this by learning to write essays. The better you get at essay writing, even as a college student, the better your writing skills. In case you didn’t know where to start, here are some tips to help you write better English essays. 

1. Have a vocabulary note

An essential part of writing essays is to use the right vocabulary, so you must consciously make an effort to increase your vocabulary. This ensures that you can pick the right words to express yourself at the right moment and in the right way. It takes your writing one level higher. 

You’re likely to come across several new words every day, but if you’re not careful, you’ll forget them all. The best thing to do is to have a notebook where you write new words that you heard and their meanings. This will help you remember these words, and you will also have something to refer back to when writing essays. 

You can do this easily by giving yourself a daily new word target that you can write in your vocabulary notebook.  

2. Create a basic essay outline

You can’t get anywhere in essay writing if you’re rushing to write. After your research, take your time to create an essay outline so you can better organize your findings and research and know how to use them in your essay. 

This is one trick that professional writers at the best college essay writing service use to create very organized and structured essays. It becomes the backbone and skeletal structure on which you build your essay. 

3. Use a hook at the essay beginning.

The world’s attention span is getting even shorter. Hence, you must try to win over your readers from the first word before they lose interest in your essay. Starting your essay with a bang so that the readers can read on till the end is what it means to use a hook on the reader. This keeps them invested in your essay. 

The first and second sentences in your essay are very important because they can determine if the reader stops at that point or reads the essay to the end. This is where you add your hook to get their attention and reel them into the essay. Your hook can be a rhetoric question, a relevant quote, a true but alarming statistic, etc. Make sure it’s something that affects the reader directly so it can draw their attention and keep them engaged. 

If you don’t know what hook to use at the start of the essay, complete it and return to it once you’re done. It’ll be easier to think of something impactful by then.

4. Employ the Pomodoro technique

Completing an essay at a stretch isn’t easy, especially if English is a second language. So it makes sense to apply the Pomodoro technique in your essay writing process. The Pomodoro technique is a technique that allows you to take breaks intermittently in-between work periods. For instance, if you spend 25 minutes writing an essay, you can take 5 minutes to break afterwards. If you do this for four cycles, you can give yourself an extended break of 20 minutes. 

To do this, you have to break the essay writing process down into smaller bits, such as researching, creating an outline, writing the paragraphs, citing your references, and proofreading the essay. Set a timer for these tasks and take a break once the time is done. This technique helps you avoid distractions and stay on course. 

5. Be Clear in Your Writing

Writing essays can come with the temptation of using jargon and complex metaphors to impress your readers. In reality, those things don’t make your writing better. They can even make it worse because it becomes unreadable for many people. 

Clarity is an important ingredient in writing essays effectively. Your reader should be clear on the point you’re passing rather than puzzled, confused, and unable to put them together. Clarity is crucial to essay writing. 


Writing better essays is the key to improving your English writing skills. The tips discussed in this article will help you achieve this. 

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