What Are 10 of the Most Common Car Accident Injuries?

Car accidents happen all over America’s roadways. They happen in rural areas and major cities. If one occurs, it can easily injure you.

If that happens, you may feel you need a personal injury lawyer. Such an individual can help you if you sue the other driver.

You should also know about some of the most common injuries that might occur in car wrecks. We will mention some of those right now.

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Bruised Ribs

If a car hits your vehicle, the seatbelt might hold you in position. That’s what they’re intended to do, and it can save your life. However, it might also bruise your ribs if the wreck jostles you and the belt holds you in place.

Broken Ribs

If your ribs break, that sometimes happens if the seatbelt holds you in position, but another car hits you while traveling at a very high speed. The increased velocity can break your ribs. Cars that break the speed limit and hit you often cause this injury.

Neck Strains

A neck strain is a soft tissue injury. These normally happen if a car hits you from behind. These fender-bender-style accidents can jolt your neck forward and back. These injuries hurt, but you usually recover from them relatively quickly.

Neck Sprains

A neck sprain is like a strain, but it’s more serious and takes longer to heal. The same kind of car accident usually causes them. However, your neck is liable to be sprained rather than strained if a car hits you going extremely fast. These accidents might even break your neck in some instances.

Head Injuries

A head injury usually occurs in a car accident if a vehicle hits you and then you hit your head on the dashboard. These injuries are sometimes not very serious, but they can also be life-threatening in high-speed collisions.

Broken Legs

A car wreck can break your leg if the protective shell of the vehicle around you is damaged. With this kind of injury, your car probably left the road and hit an inanimate object, like a tree or building. These injuries can also happen if several cars have a pileup on the highway.

Broken Arms

Broken arms usually occur in the same way broken legs do. The accident probably involved high speeds, multiple vehicles, and cars either flipping over or getting into a pileup.

Dental Injuries

Dental injuries like missing teeth or broken jaws usually happen if your face strikes the dashboard, especially at an awkward angle. Depending on their severity, you sometimes have to spend many hours in the dentist’s chair after this happens.

Puncture Wounds

Puncture wounds typically happen if something enters the car and pierces your body during a crash. If this happens, and you survive, consider yourself lucky.


Burns often happen in car accidents where the vehicle bursts into flames. This isn’t typical, but it’s possible in crashes involving chemicals or ones where the gas tank causes an explosion. Burns can be among the most serious car accident injuries.

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