10 Ways to Beat the January Winter Blues

Last updated on January 21st, 2017 at 02:27 pm

It’s all everyone is talking about when it comes to January. Not the start of the new year and that fresh page in your diary waiting to be written on. Not the amazing adventures that lay ahead of us, waiting to be experienced and documented.  Oh no!

It’s blue January or blue Monday as it draws to the middle of the month where supposed it’s the most depressing worse day of the whole year. Sadly, I used to be one of these people that grumble at the start of a new year. Knowing the new year’s resolutions I would make wouldn’t last me through February if not the end of January itself. 

I will admit it’s so hard with the darker days, the dreary weather and the come down from the holiday celebrations. January has a lot to answer for. Not only that but we all have been drinking and binging eating every weekend leading up to the big holiday too. Who doesn’t feel gross, frumpy, angry, depressed after all that not to mention tired too. 

This year, I promised myself when I returned back from our Christmas in America I wouldn’t fall into my January habits. I wouldn’t wallow in my sadness for it all being over, the weight I gain every year, and the weather. I would be positive about a fresh start to a new year. I would make a few challenges that weren’t out of reach and changes that were needed but nothing drastic. 

Then I thought, well while I am trying to fix my own January why  not share with everyone else just how I am going to take little steps to love January and change the way I feel about this first month of the year.  



I really do feel if we just change the way we talk about January and keep ourselves busy it flies by and isn’t as bad as we make it out to be. Who doesn’t like a fresh new calendar to fill up with lunches with friends, game nights, date nights, family holidays and days out? Who doesn’t like to try something new? Or better yet, start the new year with an organized house and cleaned out cupboards? Why not make some money in January after all that Christmas spending and put old items on ebay. It’s super easy to use the ebay app now it takes seconds to start earning money. Find out how here

As you can see it’s in our own power to make the winter blues go away. We can treat January as the “to do” month. The month we clear that old to do list off and start fresh. The month we get organized and stay relaxed. The month we great creative and spend less. Whatever it is you are striving for you can make it happen.

Happy January Everyone… kick those winter blues to yellows. After all yellow does mean happy and it’s my favorite color for a reason.


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