10 Tips for Building the Ultimate Home Office Setup

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Have you ever thought about what your dream home office would look like? Do you envision it to be tech-heavy, with multiple screens and a keyboard-and-mouse setup that looks like it belongs on a spaceship? Or would you rather it have a relaxed and even Boho-inspired flair befitting of an artist, with a simple laptop on a solid wooden table surrounded by your collection of Instagrammableplants?

Your answer will prove the point that each remote worker is unique, with different work requirements and different work styles. That’s why there’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to building or setting up the “perfect” home office. All the same, most remote workers have a lot of needs in common, such as a space that’s conducive for work, a clutter-free zone to inspire a clutter-free mind, and comfortable and ergonomic furniture pieces to support hours of sitting down and working at a desk.

Work from home or WFH has quickly become one of the most preferred work setups in the Philippines, which means that many remote workers have already begun the task of building their own home office. But there are some unique challenges that come with doing so, especially if one lacks space from living in a smaller condo unit or a multi-generational and multi-family home. The same goes for when a worker lives near noisy neighbors who have a penchant for partying or singing karaoke every week. Then there are the endless distractions inside the home itself—from crying kids to unexpected visitors.

If you work from home or intend to get a WFH job soon, you must remember that your home office should be a sanctuary away from all these noises and distractions. While work from home jobs in the Philippines typically allow you to have a better work-life balance, you’ll need to be extra purposeful about making your work zone as functional as it would be if you were in a conventional office. Below are some useful tips on creating your own calm and productive home office space that will allow you to concentrate on your daily tasks: 

1) Select the Ideal Work Location in Your Home

Before buying any new gear for your home office, determine its ideal location. Choose a spot in your home that you can count on to be quiet, well-lit, and typically safe from distractions. Letting natural light flow into the room from the outdoors can make you feel refreshed and awake while you work. If it’s cool and quiet enough, you can even create an outdoor office retreat in your garden or backyard. The airy and natural atmosphere might even make you feel more generative than an ordinary indoor office space would.

2) Invest in Ergonomic Furniture

It will also make a big difference for you to invest in ergonomic furniture if you want to pursue a long WFH career. First, choose an office chair that supports your spine and promotes proper posture. Next, get a desk that can easily accommodate the way you sit and lean against your work surface. You may even want to explore the standing desk variety to encourage you to be efficient with your work and burn some calories at the same time. Regardless of which types of office furniture you buy, invest in pieces that aren’t flimsy and likely to last you only a few months. 

3) Create a Space that Inspires Creativity and Focus

Your home office should also be a space that sparks creativity and encourages focus on your part. Don’t hesitate to decorate your workspace with elements that inspire you, such as a favorite artwork and motivational quotes. Better yet, create a vision board and display it prominently so that you can see it every day, and choose colors for your vision board and other home office décor that resonate with your personality. Don’t forget to keep the area clutter-free to maintain an environment that lets your ideas flow seamlessly.

4) Optimize the Digital Tools You Have at Your Disposal

Any WFH warrior will need to be armed with the fastest and most reliable internet connection they can afford. Fortunately, given how connected the Filipino workforce already is, you don’t really need the most expensive satellite internet to keep you functional at your job. For most applications, a fiber optic connection will be more than enough to upload and download data from the web.

With regard to your computer setup, choose specs that are appropriate to your profession. For instance, if you work as a WFH graphic artist, you’ll likely need to invest in a computer with a top-of-the-line graphics card. A writer or someone whose work involves social media, however, will not need anything too fancy to do their job well.

5) Illuminate Your Space Properly

Proper lighting sets the tone for a comfortable workspace. Position your desk as near as possible to the window to make the most of natural light during the day. However, if it’s too dim, or if you work the night shift, use artificial lighting to avoid straining your eyes. Remember that a well-lit environment not only enhances your focus, but will also uplift your spirit and energize you to complete your tasks.

6) Keep Distracting Noise to a Minimum

Unwanted noise can disrupt your concentration, regardless of the type of you’re doing. For your WFH office, perhaps you’ll want to invest in noise-canceling headphones or even install a white noise machine to create a more serene soundscape in the room. 

Above all, however, ensure that your setup is conducive to virtual meetings and calls whenever you need to take them. Maintaining a quiet and orderly environment in front of people who’ll be working with you showcases your professionalism and commitment to the job.

7) Provide Yourself with Storage and Keep Your Things Organized

An organized workspace directly impacts your efficiency and mental clarity. That’s why you should incorporate storage solutions into your home office space to keep documents, supplies, and equipment easily accessible while they’re out of sight. You should also make it a point to declutter regularly, as this will prevent chaos from seeping into your creative process.

8) Add Green and Sustainable Elements to Your Workspace

WFH may already be considered the more sustainable option for you because it will save you time, money, energy, and fuel all at the same time. But you can take it up a notch by making your home office greener and more sustainable, too.  

For instance, opt for energy-efficient lighting solutions to reduce your carbon footprint whenever you render a work shift in your home office. Next, bring in indoor plants to add greenery, and use recycled supplies when you’re taking handwritten notes or sketching designs. 

9) Personalize Your Workstation

Just like you would in a regular office space, you can personalize your home office to add a touch of individuality to it and honor your “whys” for your profession. Deck it out with family photos, travel mementos, and other objects that give you perspective into your hard work. This can enhance your connection to your workspace and make you even happier to work there regularly.

10) Adapt and Be Flexible

As your work evolves, your home office should also be ready to adapt. It may be a matter of choosing adjustable furniture that accommodates changes in your tasks or work style, or investing in new equipment that will help you render work of better quality. Be sure to regularly evaluate your setup so that it can remain aligned with your needs.

In building your dream home office, you don’t necessarily need a large budget or a professional interior designer to make it the ultimate WFH battle station. That said, it shouldn’t be too spartan either. Let your preferences dictate the look and feel of your home office, and turn it into a space that truly supports your individual work style and professional aspirations. 

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