5 Reasons To Schedule A Pre-Winter Home Clearout

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:19 pm

If you’re anything like us, you are all too familiar with how easy clutter can build up in the home. You don’t have to be an inattentive and messy person to see the general possessions of your household build up over time, in fact, it seems as though they have a mind of their own. You may even wonder where some of these items came from. No matter their origin, that doesn’t change the fact that they’re here, and waiting to be organized.

Sometimes, the task of organization might be so intense you question its worth. Clutter is rarely that necessary, and you may have possessions that you haven’t touched in years. If this sounds like your household, then never fear, there’s an option for you.

Everyone knows that the winter period is a time of great clutter. From presents to their packaging, decorations springing out of the attic for the holiday celebrations, and invited guests and the possessions they bring, your house is busy, busy, busy during the festive season.

For this reason, scheduling a pre-winter home clearout is not only a good idea, it could give you a few worthwhile benefits that you may miss otherwise. Let’s consider a few of those below:

You Could Raise Funds For Christmas

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The winter period is notoriously expensive for many households. Buying and gifting presents, heading to dinner parties, paying for school trips or other fancy occasions, and maybe even enjoying a small holiday – no matter what, you deserve to celebrate the end of the year.

For this reason, selling your old unwanted items could raise a little capital for those adventures. This can help extend your budget and help you avoid overspending during the holiday season. For example, if your child has asked Santa for a new video game console, you might sell off some of your old Blu-rays and the player you used to watch them on, given you only ever watch streamed 4K content on your main television. This could cut the price of the wished-for item in half, saving you a bundle of cash.

You could sell these items on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or even a local gathering depending on events going on in your area. Car boot sales still go on, and are still attended by many in the community. If you’re looking to sell larger items, you can always use self storage services to organise them first.

You Can Clear Out Your Storage Areas

Most people know the hardship of digging around in their attic for Christmas lights, tree decorations, candles and whatever else you use to celebrate the best atmosphere in your household. However, this is usually when you notice the items that haven’t been useful in some time just hanging around in storage.

For example, you might notice that every second fairy light you have doesn’t work. Perhaps a moisture issue in the attic has caused damage to lights, or perhaps you placed old decorations up here planning to sort through them later.

Maybe perpetual storage areas in your household, like the spare room filled with boxes or the garage filled with wood from your previous renovation could use sorting through. Now is the perfect time to do it, because purchasing a general storage bin or skip, especially when no other neighbour is spring cleaning, is a great investment.

Moreover, having brand new areas of the household open for your use is not only helpful, it can feel like a holiday gift all by itself. Here you can begin renovating the spare room for that home office you’ve always wanted, or other little things, like having presents 

Headspace & Peace Of Mind

There are so many organizational tasks to keep hold of during the winter period. Even if you keep things relatively low-key, seeing family, caring for your children, planning trips, and planning the festivity meals can be a lot to take on.

Imagine how great you’ll feel, then, knowing your home clearout is one large task you no longer have to deal with. Not only does this give you a sense of comfort, but it also means the cleanup from the winter period is easier to deal with.

After all, after such a blowout period of celebrations and indulgence (especially with good food!) it’s amazing how many people dive straight into cleaning. You deserve to sit back and relax and welcome the new year with a sense of confidence.

Attend To Repairs Ahead Of Time

A winter clearout isn’t solely useful for throwing items away, but also for figuring out what you need to fix. It may be that removing your boxes from the storage room helps you see a growing damp issue in the corner due to lack of ventilation, or perhaps a strangely thumping pipe that needs to be looked at.

The same goes for your attic – you may happen upon a friendly family of bats making room for themselves in your attic, and while that can sound alarming, they’re usually harmless and a protected species, so the best you can do is wait for them to fly away. However, when they do so, you can plug whatever hole it is they found to get in more easily.

Sometimes, repairs you may can make your entire winter more palatable. Insulation issues repaired at this time could mean your heating is much less expensive at this time of year, as otherwise, it may have ventilated out of the property, wasting your heating budget.

More Room For Decorations!

When you have more shelving space, spare rooms, easier-to-access walls, and less worry about where everything is going to fit, it’s so much easier to decorate to your heart’s content. No matter how modest you like your decorations to be, or how overwrought you like your light shows, what matters is having the space to do that.

No matter the festivities your family celebrates, at least now you have the chance to enjoy them with pride. Everyone knows how frustrating inventory Tetris can be, and now you don’t have to play that came.

With this advice, you’re sure to schedule a pre-winter home clearout in the best possible way.


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