5 Core Principles of Holistic Back Pain Management

Holistic pain management has been around for many centuries. Plenty of individuals like to use the various techniques that could be described as holistic. In particular, some people like to utilize these techniques to manage their chronic or acute back pain.

You can look for a great place for Oklahoma pain management if you are experiencing back pain and live in the state. There are several viable options that might appeal to you. If you are thinking about the holistic approach to back pain, though, there are some core principles to keep in mind. Let us talk about a few of them right now.

Contact an Expert

The first thing worth knowing about holistic treatments is that there are usually experts in your area who should have some good advice for you. Holistics treatments, which often involve avoiding measures like surgery or medication, are quite popular. You should be able to locate someone with a credible medical background who can steer you down the right path.

Establish a Game Plan

Once you have located an expert who you trust, you can tell them all about what’s happening with you. You might tell them things like what part of your back hurts, how long you’ve been having the issue, etc. Then, the two of you can talk about treatment options and get on the same page.

Try the Least Drastic Options First

The back can be a tricky part of the body. Sometimes, it might hurt because of an injury, but other times, you can start to experience pain in your back for what seems like no reason at all.

It’s helpful to try what feels like the least drastic options before you move to more dramatic ones.

Often, things like hot or cold compresses, physical therapy, and things of that nature can be the way to go. If those don’t work, you can talk to your care provider about some other possibilities.

You Can Always Seek a Second Opinion

If you feel that the individual who you’re using as a primary care provider is not giving you the best advice, or you’d like to speak to someone else if you’re not seeing the results you want, you can always do that. You shouldn’t worry about hurting the care provider’s feelings or anything like that. You need to get better, and if that means consulting a whole team of specialists, there is no reason not to do it.

Consider the Multidisciplinary Approach

Often, you will find success as a back pain sufferer by trying not just one approach but several. That may involve stretching, massage, acupuncture, and more.

You might start with one option and add others if you feel the need to ramp up your treatment. You can always fall back on less desirable routes like medication or even surgery if it seems like you have no other choice.

Many times, you will be able to find a holistic approach that treats your back pain and gets you feeling better.


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