A Week on my Feet

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luxuryflooringIt’s no wonder instagram is my favorite social media platform full of beautiful styled photos and carefully thought out captures of day to day life, of people around the world. I doubt I am the only obsessed one either. It’s quickly becoming the place that people wake up and roll over in bed to check and then check again before bed at night. It’s become widely popular to snap our feet to showcase where they have taken us for the day, from coffee shop tiles to Autumn leaves in the park, #floorselfies are flooding instagram. 

I was happy to team up with Luxury Flooring to share where my feet have taken me this week. It’s been a busy week of school runs, lessons and gym and work sessions but in between our busy routines we still find some beautiful places to step upon. I have long loved snapping where my happy feet have walked, obsessed with the various flooring you come across especially abroad. I think more cafes and shops should jump on this patterned tile craze phase. Plain floors are that of the past. It’s even better when you walk into a place and your outfit matches the floor. You know you are an instagram fan when this happens. I love looking back at my #floorselfies because they do tell a great story of our lives. They don’t just say where we have walked, stood and been but we have memories linked with those places now. 

This week I have been…

A Week on my feet #floorselfies


Mondays have changed for me, they used to be filled with swimming and music lessons with my littlest girl but now our routines have changed with her getting older. Monday is now a work day for me. A day to catch up on all those emails that piled up over the end of the previous week and weekend. Or videos and photos to edit from a day out that we have enjoyed over the weekend. Sometimes I make it into the gym to get my energy up. Otherwise it’s usually locked away in a cafe somewhere or at home, typing away. This past Monday, I was getting sick of the same four walls at home and the sun came out so the flip flops came out. I think I could live in flip flops all year long.  I spotted gorgeous flowers still in bloom as I walked by…definitely worthy of a instagram #floorselfie snap.

A Week on my feet #floorselfiesTUESDAY

I hit the gym as hard as I can on Tuesdays. It’s my day to workout hard to set me up for the week. Then the rest of the day is usually filled with work. grocery shopping, appointments, errands, housecleaning, and whatever else needs done. It’s my motivation day to “plow through my to do list”. I kind like the feeling at the end of a Tuesday that the rest of the week won’t be as rushed about.

A Week on my feet #floorselfiesWEDNESDAY

Oh, how I love the middle of the week, good old Wednesdays. They bring me and my daughter to our special day together with music classes and a playdate with friends. It’s our day to have that special one on one time together that is so very special before she starts school, next September. I only have a year left of our days together, just her and I and I try to make the very most of each one of them. It’s a more relaxed day which is perfect for the middle of the week. The kids love it as Granddad comes for dinner every Wednesday too. 

A Week on my feet #floorselfiesTHURSDAY

This past Thursday was a different one from our normal weekly routines and schedules. We were invited for dinner and a playdate with close friends. The weather was cooler but nice and sunny. The kids were ecstatic when I picked them up from school and nursery to see their friends. We went and bought them flowers and walked over to their house. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year to take walks. I love the crisp cooler air but still sunny and bright outside. It’s definitely time to pull out the blazers, sweaters and coats now. This week, you could really feel the temperature changing.

A Week on my feet #floorselfiesFRIDAY

While everyone loves Fridays, it marks the weekend is here. Our Fridays are our busiest days of the week. I am normally always early for the school run but Fridays I always seem to be rushing about to do the school drop off, daughter is in creche for 45 minutes while I hit the gym as I don’t get time over the weekend to do so, then it’s rushing off to gymnastics, straight to Spanish lessons than back to school to pick up B. By the time we get in at 4:30, it’s time to cook dinner, bath and bed. This past, Friday the weather wasn’t a complete write off so I skipped the gym and took my littlest out for treat. My mother-in-law offered to babysit too so I got a rare night out with some friends I haven’t seen in a while. It was a nice chilled out evening catching up after a busy week of solo parenting. 

A Week on my feet #floorselfiesSATURDAY

We went to the local park when the sun was shining in the morning, making the most of the dry weather as I knew the rain was working it’s way in. Daddy wasn’t home from America yet so we were just staying local riding our scooters, playing at the park and then built tents in the living room for movie night in. I love making the kids popcorn and having them pick a movie to watch when the weather isn’t nice. The kids love helping me turn our living room into utter chaos.


I can’t say which day of the week is my favorite. Each one holds, different tasks, different expectations, different adventures and different routines. It definitely keeps life busy and interesting. Sometimes overwhelming but we get on with it. But if I had to pick a day of the week to love the most it’s Sundays. Sunday is the only day of the week the four of us are all together as a family for the entire day. We usually enjoy an unplanned family day out or go swimming at our gym together. I can’t help but love the tiles by the gym swimming pool either they are a gorgeous rose pink. Even though it means we are back to early bedtimes for the week ahead I love the feeling of a Sunday night. I am always at my most relaxed and happy. 

Where have your feet taken you this week? Join the love for #floorselfies and document the beautiful floorings you walk on. 

This is a collaboration with Luxury Flooring.

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