Me & Mine {September 2016}

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Me & Mine September 2016

It’s been a funny old month for us. It saw the kids and I return back from America, back to school and nursery routines, and then Daddy heading off to America for a golf trip. We wouldn’t have planned it like this being apart so much these past two months but that’s the life of an expat family. Sometimes our schedules just fall like this and we have to get on with it. Solo parenting isn’t easy. I fully give credit to my own mother and all those parents that do it on a daily basis, you are super humans. We have had some great days out though in between our separate trips to make up for it. We have really put our family time at the top of our list this month. We also have been working hard on unplanned family days out and focusing on family adventures that don’t cost a penny. We will save those pennies for Christmas coming up instead. So even though we haven’t been together very much this month we truly have created some long lasting memories together. 

What I love most about our family captures is that we are now a lot more relaxed about them. Always trying to capture those unique, beautiful, perfect photos never work out on a monthly basis and can make everyone start to not like them. I have learned to sit back and just let us be how we are and try to capture those moments instead for our monthly portrait project. Everyone once in a while I get a photo of the four of us that I think, wow, thanks beautiful just what I envisioned and everyone is happy. We also like to take traditional photos, as in the same place year to year. This is my third year doing the Me & Mine family portrait project joining in with Dear Beautiful. Year after year, we come back to Formby Beach to have a family picnic on the softest sand I have ever touched and capture our family together. Rain, shine, cloudy whatever the weather is we work with it. This month, the sun went behind the clouds before we could snap us up…the windy started blasting sand in our faces after a beautiful long day on the beach. These photos were taking before we got back in the car, wet, tired and full of fun memories from our day out. I love them because they show just that. B is bracing the sand, while I am bracing the wind hair, and MM is refusing to look at the camera, tired, and for once Daddy is the only one posing, looking, and smiling at the camera. But the one thing we all are is happy and relaxed. That’s all that matters to me when I am with my beautiful family crew. 
Me & Mine September 2016


Being back in her own bed.

Vampire Diaries (Netflix binging)

Living life a little less chaotic and trying to be a calmer person.




More golf in sunny America.


His new scooter Mommy WON at the MAD Blog Awards.

Building and rebuildling his lego Batman.

Swimming. (its quickly becoming his favorite swimming the full length of the pool now).


Scooting around with her big brother now that he has one. 

Playing with kinetic sand. (it’s magic even I am hooked).

Starting Spanish lessons with her brother. 
Me & Mine September 2016

You can see last year’s family beach capture here. The kids refused to sit in the same order as before but that just will remind us how strong willed MM’s personality was at this time in her life, constantly wanting to be with her Daddy.  They have grown up since the last time we took our family captures here. We have so many memories already created on this very beach. It will be a firm place for our family memories. 

We look forward to a whole month of our family together next month. October holds Halloween celebrations and fun recipes galore to bake with the kids. I love this time of year when it still is sunny out somedays but cold and crisp. The beautiful leaves are falling to the ground. I hope October is a drier month so we can continue to get out and enjoy our family adventures outdoors together. 

Please check out the host with the most: Dear Beautiful and the beautiful families of the cohosts: Bump-to-Baby, Mummy Daddy Me, Capture by Lucy, and Tigerlilly Quinn.

16 thoughts on “Me & Mine {September 2016}”

  1. I am with you on thinking that single parents are super humans, Im not sure how they do it, it must be really tough. It must be hard for you both spending time apart, and especially you. when you are parenting solo. It sounds like you are amazing at planning and making the time together really count, which is fab. Congratulations on your award at the MAD Blog awards too!

    • Oh thank you so much Hannah that’s so sweet of you. It was a shock to win I still can’t believe it. Especially since everyone doesn’t seem to be reading my blog as much anymore. I guess so many new ones to get to and love too. I truly think solo parenting is tough for single parents they are superhumans for sure. Yes we are very good at always planning and making the most of every weekend together though too. I think that’s what makes it not as hard to be apart too.

  2. Matthew has a scooter sitting in the shed but he never used it. Maybe at four years of age he might be able to get the hang of it how to use it.
    You’re managing family life really well in my opinion. I go mad those three days hubby is not at home. lol #meandmineproject

  3. I love the natural photos and these are really lovely. Single parenting is hard, there is no doubt about that, but sounds like you have got it down 🙂 It must be hard having long periods apart like that. Was lovely to see you the other week at the Mads! x

    • We absolutely love the two beaches and all the sand dunes around us. Even in winter on a nice day to stick our toes in the sand just feels amazing. I wish the family was more coorperative on this day with photos but it was the memories of our day out together that come back when I see them and that’s what counts. Thanks babes.


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