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Without all of you, this blog would just be a space documenting our lives to look back upon when the kids have grown up and moved away. It would be a space I would relive the family adventures, our home, our fun with food, and the places we have traveled but that is it. But with all of you, this space has come alive. It’s a space to interact, no matter where you live in the world. In the blogosphere, this space has a place now because of all of you and I feel apart of its amazing community.

I have made close friends outside of blogging through this space. I started blogging when MM was just four weeks old. At a time, where I had a one and half year old and a newborn and no mom friends to help me get through it. This space, brought me mom guidance from around the world, at any time of the day. I knew I could hop on social media or reply to comments on blog posts and get a response, get a second opinion, or just have a chat with someone that understood.

That’s the beauty of writing a blog. Strangers get to know you. Depending on what you share, they can know you pretty well and be there to support and uplift you. That’s what this space has become for me, a positive place to share our lives and who we are as a family along with so many others. I love how much blogging has truly changed my life for the better.

It goes back to you, the reader, my supporters, my friends, you have made this space become something bigger. Those that interact with me, comment, share, and come back time and time again to support me – THANK YOU! How can I say it enough, thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s because of you that I was announced this year’s 2016 Best School Days Blog in the MAD Blog Awards. It’s such an honor just becoming a finalist. That you continue to read and like what I have written enough to vote for me and to take that time to show me you care. That means more than anything in the world that strangers and friends alike come together to support what I share on this space. It’s because of all of you that I – WON! I truly, didn’t expect it, having only become a new school days mother at the school gate a year ago, it’s a new phase in parenting to blog about.

What an experience it is to become a school mom. I still can’t believe it and my youngest is about to join my eldest next September. The changes and growth you see through reception into year one is astounding. I have wrote a lot about letting my first baby, becoming a school boy on this space and shared with so many other amazing bloggers our journey of being first time school moms. I am so grateful and appreciative that you would celebrate this huge milestone with me by voting for me in this category. I was honored to be among other amazing school moms for this category this year. Each of them, amazing and worthy of this award too. Most of them, even friends of mine and all amazing bloggers themselves. I wish everyone could win. We all work so hard on our space in the blogosphere and everyone should be proud of what they have created.


I got ready with my blogging buddies that have become a huge part of my life outside of blogging as much as they are inside blogging. We had baby cuddles while we were getting ready which was the biggest highlight of the day for me. No joke, a baby cuddle can put me on cloud 9 in a second. It always reminds me what matters most in the world and to let the petty things go. Excuse the grainy iphone photos here but my camera on my phone is going out and I didn’t take many snaps throughout the night as the venue is really dark inside. But grainy or not they were moments I want to cherish with my friends and remember. madblogawards7

IG Photo Credits: @mytwomums, @amy_everythingmummy, @mummyandmonkeys and my own selfie snaps.


I love this one above of Katie from Mummy Daddy Me (winner in photography – congratulations), Lucy from Dear Beautiful and I. Who knows what we were talking about but it was a great moment captured by Tom Arber. I love it when you have those friends you don’t have to see everyday that make you laugh uncontrollably, cry harder together when something is wrong, support and love each other unconditionally. These two are definitely that for me and much more. I cherish our visit when we get together. We so missed our double team member Morgana this year though. madblogawards3madblogawards2

I was sat among my friends having a lovely dinner, I heard my name called out. It doesn’t register at first it’s my own name and I am being ushered by a pretty lady up to the stage with flowers and an AWARD! I never say the right things, I never expect to have to say anything and a sea of amazing writers all staring back at me in the harsh lights makes my knee wobble a bit. I try to find words of encouragement or gratitude and came off the stage wishing I would have said more. Wishing I would have said something better than mumbling thank you and running. 

So to those that are bloggers, or read my blog or just family and friend supporters – First off, thank you for taking a moment to vote for me. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for continuing to come back to this space where I share my life with you all. Thank you for taking time to make a difference in my life with your comments, interactions, and support. I can’t thank my family enough for always letting me put my camera in their face so I can share it with you. Without them and without you, this space wouldn’t be up for an award. This space wouldn’t be known by others.

To bloggers whether you have won numerous times or have never been a finalist, – you are amazing writers! You are winners! You already have created an amazing space of your own in this world that makes a difference to others around the globe. That should feel like a pretty amazing “reward” in life already. While I am humbled and honored to have won, I am just so grateful for this space and the amazing people I get to meet, interact with, and get to know online. Technology and blogs bring a big world together and I love it.

I love you all for your amazing support. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart.



This award is dedicated to my son, B, my daughter, MM and to my amazing husband, Mr P: all whom put up with constantly having a camera in their face. They are my biggest supporters and I am so grateful to have them in my life. 

I love you all with all my heart.

Love Mommy/Wifey xoxo


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    • Thank you so much. It was such a great night and lovely to see everyone. Winning just made it that very special night to be recognized for my writing is the best feeling in the world.

    • Thank you so much Becky. I am so grateful for everyone’s love and support. Overwhelmed with it and so honored to have won. So many bloggers and readers around the world have touched my life.

    • Oh I know I didn’t get to chat to many it felt like I didn’t know many people there this year so I kept to myself really. Sad I wish I would have got a chance to hang out. Thank you so much for your lovely compliments.


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